Free Real Estate Leads 
9 Kick-butt Ways to Get Some!

Are Free Real Estate Leads Worth Pursuing? Absolutely! No matter how long you've been in real estate you can always use 

free real estate leadsFree Real Estate Leads Can Be The Best Ones To Have

more leads, and some of the best ways to get them involves positioning yourself as an expert problem solver; a rainmaker who makes things happen. 

And despite them being free, they can be incredibly profitable and with a little imagination they can help you fill your lead pipeline with prospects that dependably convert to listings and sales. Let's take a look at how you can go about getting a share of them.

Nine Kick-butt Ways to 
Get Free Real Estate Leads

1. Publish a Book, Series of Reports or Articles.  Despite the fact that the internet has made this an easy and simple thing to do most real estate professionals routinely overlook the idea.  For example, if you already have a website you can use the same content to compile and distribute parts of it it as special give away reports. 

2. Publish a Newsletter.  Publishing a newsletter is an excellent way to keep your name in front of prospects - buyers, sellers, renters and investors.  Again, you can use existing information from your website if you have one, or you can find out more about prewritten real estate marketing reports right here and use them as newsletters for building long term relationships with your newsletter subscribers.  

3. Write Press Releases. When used correctly you can get a lot of positive publicity from newsworthy press releases. If you're not a good writer, or just don't want to write them yourself, you can hire someone to do it for or use the prewritten real estate marketing reports mentioned above.

4. Create a Website.  Having your very own lead generating website is more attainable than ever. You can set up a user-friendly one within a few days.  If you keep it timely, informative and add fresh content on a regular basis people will revisit it over and over. And if you don't know how to set one up there are plenty of web designers who will do it for a fee.

5. Join Associations.  This will enhance your visibility and credibility. But don't just be a member, be an active member. This will build your reputation among your peers and lead to useful introductions. Membership can help you keep current with issues that will help you build your business.

6. Teach Workshops or Seminars. If you have information that people want you can pass it on. If your presentation is well presented you will be seen as an authority on your subject; which in turn will attract more people and generate referrals.

7. Network for Leads.  You can boost your reputation and influence by speaking to people needing your services and keeping your name in front of your prospects.  Nothing is out of bounds, and you can network 24/7 at parties, school activities, work, church and other social and business gatherings.  

8. Find Partners. Find strategic business partners that have the same objectives as you, then trade leads, share marketing info, offer discounts and offer incentives. It can be a win-win for everybody involved.

9. Imitate Others.  Model your activities after those of successful agents. I'm not saying that you should outright copy them, but there's nothing wrong with practicing some of their habits that make them successful. Saying it simply. watch what successful agents in your office are doing, then do what they do.  If they mail out 10 letters a day, then you mail out 10 a day.  If they send letters to FSBOs, then you should send letters to FSBOs. 

18 More Ways To Get Free Real Estate Leads 
- Well, Most are Free, But All Are Affordable

If you're like most agents you probably welcome as many affordable lead generation ideas as you can get, and while free ones are the most desirable, I'm pretty sure low-cost ones would be of interest, too.  With that being the case, you're bound to like the Lead Generation Ideas found here. They include strategies like...

1.  Farming Expired Listings – although many agents know about them, a vast majority of them never pursue them.

2.  Posting Profiles and/or Free Ads in Agent Directories – opportunities are plentiful but ignored. For example; how many directories have you placed your profile, or ads in?

3.  Sourcing Newspaper Real Estate Leads –as online advertising continues to evolve as a preferred medium of advertising newspaper leads are still plentiful.  

You can click here to see the complete list of 18 Affordable Real Estate Lead Ideas! 

The Best Strategies For Getting Free Real Estate Leads include...

Farming Expired Listings... and when you get serious about generating 2 or more listings a week there's no better way to get the job done than by mailing expired letters.

Mailing letters is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your target customers. Letters are cheap to print and cost nothing more than your time and postage to distribute… and you can try our letters risk free!  Click on the image below to learn more about the letters found here on Real Estate Marketing Talk!

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