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Real Estate Marketing Talk 

"Real Estate Marketing Talk" - best practice real estate marketing tips, 

real estate marketing talk

tools & strategies for real estate agents, buyers, sellers and investors. We also offer opportunities to share success stories to inspire other agents and investors!  


Real Estate Marketing Articles

Real Estate Lead Online Marketing 
Harness the power of the internet.  Get more leads online; start a newsletter, use a sequential autoresponder, put lead capture forms on your website and more.

First Time Home Buyer   
Discover Ten Tips for the First Time Home Buyer to make the home buying experience both more fun and profitable.

Home Buyer Leads  
Would you like for buyers to call wanting to do business with you? Discover how to generate as many free home-buyer leads as you want.

Farm Expired Listings   
Of course you know about expired listings, but are you farming them?  Why not? They’re one of the best strategies to generate leads that you ask for!  

Real Estate Web Site Content   
275 Prewritten Articles – affordable and versatile.  Use as blog content, newsletter articles, in email marketing campaigns, compile as special buyer/seller reports, etc.

Real Estate Prospecting Letters

Mailing Estate Real Prospecting Letters is a fun and effective way to brand your business and increase your earnings. Here are letter sets that generate leads and listings that convert into sales!

Expired Listing Letters - of course you know about expireds, but are you farming them? 

FSBO Letters - For Sale By Owners don’t think they need a Realtor, until they do.

Power Real Estate Letters - knowing how to develop warm prospects is key to every Realtors' success. 

Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas

real estate leads

Top Producers source multiple streams of leads. Here's how many of them are doing via... 

Farming Expired Listings - I averaged 2 plus listings a week with this system, but some weeks got 4-6. Learn more about it here!

Circulating Real Estate Agent Flyers - flyer marketing is good in good and bad markets and can be effective generating buyer, seller and investor leads.  

Embracing Effective Real Estate Marketing Tips - here you can help and be helped others. Discover new ideas and share some, too!. 

Postcard Marketing  - equally effective launching new careers and expanding  established ones.

Email Marketing Campaigns - once you set up a successful campaign it's easy to duplicate it and generate even more leads.  

Continuous Learning - grab a cup of coffee and enjoy an article or two in our Real Estate Article Library. It could be the best thing you do today!  

Implementation of Effective Real Estate Marketing Tools - do  you have adequate tools to successfully compete in your market?  

Effective Website Design For Realtors - good design begins with your site visitors in mind, then comes the hard part of getting them to come and then come back again..

Foreclosures & Flipping Properties 

flipping real estate

Foreclosures - opportunities abound helping folk facing foreclosures, and/or selling them to buyers and investors.

Flipping Houses -   you've seen people on tv flipping properties for huge profits.  Now you can do it, too.

Real Estate Web Site Content

These are prewritten real estate articles ready for download and immediate use for webmasters, content marketers, etc.

Pre-Written Real Estate Web Site Content - use as website articles and marketing reports, content for blogs, flyers and more.

Real Estate Marketing Reports - over 71% of today's real estate buyers and sellers use the Internet to gather information before buying and selling real estate!

Credit Card Marketing Reports  -  millions log onto the Internet looking for real estate, credit card and mortgage loan information.

Real Estate Marketing Blog - sometimes it comes down to having the right tools, resources and drive to succeed.

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