The Best Real Estate Marketing System
Just Might Be Ours! Here's More About It!

The Best Real Estate Marketing System I ever used is an Expired Listing System. I got 2 plus listings a week using it.

best real estate marketing systemGet Ahead of Your Competition With The Best Real Estate Marketing System You Can Find

And it's simple enough that you can do it, too, in just 60 minutes a day!

I’m a meat and potatoes kind of guy who fully embraces simple but effective things - which is exactly what our system is! But don’t assume for one second that simple means “average”, because it is anything but that.  In fact, it's best characterized as being powerfully effective.  

So! Just How Good is This Supposedly
Best Real Estate Marketing System?

Well, if numbers alone tell the story it's pretty darn good! I listed more properties using it in a month's time than most agents get in a year! I don't recall the exact number, but my high point was somewhere around 17 in a single month.

Admittedly, 7 of the 17 listings included a 40-acre tract of land that made up 7 different listings (4 ten acre parcels, 2 twenty acre parcels and/or 1 forty acre parcel).

Here's My Story

When I first got licensed, I was like other rookie agents; green, more than little naive, but willing to learn.  I wanted to be successful, so I walked around with wide eyed with big ears trying to take in everything I could from agents who appeared to “have game.” 

Pretty soon I started sensing a theme.  Everybody was talking about listings and seemed to assess their productivity by either the number of sales they made, the number of listings they got, or both!  But oddly enough nobody was farming expired listings on a regular basis!

I was surprised, and was decidedly not going to miss out on the opportunity it presented to dominate expired listings... and you shouldn't either!

Having Listings
Effects Every Aspect of Your Business

the best real estate marketing strategy includes farming expired listings

As you get to know me, you’ll realize I can be a little slow at times, but I eventually get around to understanding what others may already know, like the cliche that “listings are the lifeblood of the real industry".  Well, they are... and it is as true today as it was yesterday... and that’s where a good Real Estate Marketing System comes in.

Listings have a way of stimulating every aspect of your business!  When you have listings, you can generate leads!  Although it is rare that buyers responding to ads will buy the particular listings they call about, you can direct them to other properties!

That’s the beauty of having listings – people might call in about a particular one, but end up buying something else.

I know I’m not telling you something you don’t already know, so you have to ask yourself why are you still reading this article?

Maybe it’s because of what I’m about to say, which is “expired listings are the worst kept secret in the industry.”  Almost every agent knows about them but they are still overlooked to the point that they are arguably under marketed!

Why?  I think it comes down to agents thinking that other agents are already all over them, so why bother!  But it’s actually just the opposite.  Every agent knows about them, but only a few systematically and consistently pursue them!  Well, at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Get Better Real Estate Marketing Results
With an Expired Listing System

Our system, an Expired Listing System, was created to offer a step-by-step guide for converting Expired Listings to new ones.  Additionally, the system, includes letters that target FSBOs, absentee property owners, vacant properties, abandoned properties, commercial properties and others. 

Don't Most Agents Farm Expired Listings? 

I don't think so, at least not consistently!  Let's test my answer! 

Quietly ask around your office to see if your co-workers are farming expired listings.  Be discreet though, because you don’t want them to alert folk to what you’re about to do if they aren’t already doing it.  Why share what you're about doing when you can keep all, or most of, the business that you'll be getting to yourself?

What you’re likely to find out is this!  Only a few agents in your office, if that many, are farming them and that the few who are farming them aren't doing it routinely. 

Real Estate Marketing System Recommendation

Expired Listings are a profitable, sustainable and renewable niche awaiting you. Here's our recommendation to help you get some!

Owners of expired listings can be some of the most motivated sellers you can source. Many have double mortgages, bad tenants, vacant properties, high taxes, higher insurance premiums, separations, liquidating assets, combining assets, etc... and want, or need, to sell!

They have problems to solve... and you can help them!  Especially when you're armed with a letter system like ours!  

Try it out!  Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed or You'll Get Your Money Back! 

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