The Best Real Estate Marketing System I Ever Used Still Rocks!

Okay, so I’m biased.  I admit it!  The Best Real Estate Marketing System I ever used is mine.  I’m a meat and potatoes kind of guy who believes in

keeping things simple, which is exactly what my system does!

But don’t go assuming that simple means “weak”, as it packs a serious punch!               

However, don’t worry; I’m not going to try to sell it to you.  If you’ll notice there’s not a purchase link anywhere on this page.  That’s because I want you to focus on what I'm saying without the distraction of feeling “pitched.”

I listed more properties with my “Best Real Estate Marketing System” in a month than most agents do in a year!  This is not to brag, but to share with you just how effective it is!

Some people think if something is too simple it can’t be good, but if it’s wordy and complicated it must be good!

That’s convoluted thinking if you ask me, and if that’s where your head is please change the channel, flip the switch, turn the dial and vacate the premises, because the system is not about that.  Instead, it’s easy to understand and at least as easy to apply!

When I first got licensed I was like other rookie agents; green, clueless, but willing to learn.  I wanted to be successful, so I walked around pretty big eyed trying to take in everything I could from agents who appeared to “have game.” 

Pretty soon I started sensing a theme.  Everybody was talking about listings and seemed to assess their productivity by either the number of sales they made, the number of listings they got, or both!  But oddly enough nobody was farming expired listings!

It was a huge disconnect, but a golden opportunity to dominate that niche!

As you get to know me you’ll realize I can be a little slow at times, but I eventually got it.  “Listings are the lifeblood of the real industry" is as true today as it was yesterday.  That’s where my “Best Real Estate Marketing System” comes in.

Listings have a way of stimulating every aspect of your business!  When you have listings you can generate leads!  Although it is rare that buyers responding to ads will buy the particular listings they call about you can direct them to other properties!

That’s the beauty of having listings – 10 people might call in about one, but end up buying something else.

I know I’m not telling you something you don’t already know, so you have to ask yourself why are you still reading this article?

Maybe it’s because of what I’m about to say, which is “expired listings are the worst kept secret in the industry.”  Almost every agent knows about them but they are still overlooked to the point that they are arguably under marketed!

Why?  I think it comes down to agents thinking that other agents are already all over them, so why bother!  But it’s actually just the opposite.  Every agent knows about them, but only a few systematically and consistently pursue them!

Well, at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

It’s true – most agents ignore expired listings!  Don’t just accept my word for it, put it to the test!  Here’s how to quickly determine if you can dominate the market in your area!

Quietly ask around your office to see if your co-workers are farming expired listings.  Be discreet, because you don’t want them to alert them to what you’re about to do if they aren’t.  Why not keep all or most of, the business to yourself?

What you’re going to find is this!  Only a few agents in your office, if that many, are farming them.  Congratulations!  You’ve discovered a niche real estate market that over time you can dominate with the right marketing system.

Owners of expired listings are some of the most motivated sellers you’ll find.  They’re saddled with double mortgages, bad tenants, vacant properties, high taxes, higher insurance premiums, separations, liquidating assets, combining assets, etc., and want, or need, to sell!

They have real estate problems to solve and you can be the problem solver!  But to be a player you have to get on the playing field and a good real estate marketing real estate system comes into play.  A good one can help establish you as a go to person, someone who can help Sellers solve their problems!

So, think about it!  If you know about expired listings and aren’t marketing them then you have to surmise that other agents know about them and aren’t farming them either!  Like I said before, it’s a huge disconnect, but a golden opportunity!

That’s why I think my expired listing system is the Best Real Estate Marketing System of all time.  Yep, I’m still biased! 

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