Best Realtor Web Site

What makes the Best Realtor Web Site the best? Arguably, it starts with a good web site building software program.  Other factors include the quality

and amount of content offered on the site, and a way to capture email addresses for follow-up email marketing campaigns to convert them to paying customers!  Let’s take a closer look at these elements individually.

Best Realtor Web Site Building Software Programs

Real Estate Agent Websites are the ultimate marketing tool for agents and brokers.  When properly search engine optimized they can be the foundation that can launch and/or sustain a successful career characterized by a steady source of leads that convert to leads, listings and sales.  Below is information about Real Estate Webmasters (REW), an example of one of many options available for your consideration.

REW has been in business providing a comprehensive array of realtor website building services since 2004.   Its services include Graphic Design, Branding, Professional Copywriting, Custom Programming, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) Management.  It offers three packages for real estate agents; template sites that can be built slowly over time or fast and right now at a reasonable price.  It also offers a set of Value Add Modules that include an option to display listings on your website.  

Real Estate Web Site Content, Articles & Marketing Reports   
Many agents spend lots of money on their websites, but shortchange themselves by offering poor, or too little content.  However, one can never have too much content, especially good content that provides useful information while educating buyers and sellers; like these Pre-written Real Estate Articles & Reports.  You can buy them in sets of Ten Article Packs or a Super Pack of 250 Plus Articles. 

Highly versatile, these articles appeal to buyers, sellers, renters, investors and casual lookers who aspire to be home owners and real estate entrepreneurs.  They’re also ideal for establishing rapport and building relationships with prospects when used as website content, article marketing, newsletters, drip mail campaigns, real estate flyers, etc.  Click here to read more about them.

Lead Capture Systems
Capturing and converting leads to sales is what the real estate game is all about.  But why do some agents have a knack for nailing it and others flop at it?  Well that’s the point of understanding lead generation systems, utilizing them effectively and the importance of following up with leads.  While I won’t try to cover the hundreds of systems available to agents today I will highlight an article about the subject found up on a website called “Followup Boss”.  Interestingly enough it refers to the “Real Estate Webmaster” website building program referenced above as a primary lead generation system.   

Here’s The Article: Interview With a Master Real Estate Lead Generator Mike Pannell

Real Estate Marketing Talk Lead Generators

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