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Real Estate Questions

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The Best Real Estate Questions Are Those That Get Asked!   Want to know how to get listings? No problem! Want information on how to get licensed? You can find out here! Need ideas about how to market a particular property? You can get those here, too!

Ask your questions and I'll personally answer them. Our knowledgeable readers may also join in and offer ideas and perspectives based on their real estate knowledge and experience. I'm excited about our Real Estate Questions Page and look forward to your input - questions and shared experiences!

Do You Have Real Estate Questions That You're Dying to Ask?

Well, you can ask them here, whatever they are. And when you do, I will personally answer each one. Plus, any number of our thousands of visitors, like you, can also respond based on their knowledge and experiences. Let's get started!

Real Estate Questions Asked By Others

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Can I Find Out If a Lien Is Attached To A House I Am Considering Buying? 
A friend of mine bought a house in Bethesda, MD. I was surprised he was able to get a loan, as I knew he had been bankrupted a while ago. Now he needs …

Absentee Home Owners 
Hello Lanard, I am looking for a system to address "Absentee home Owners." Do you have any suggestions or systems already in place? Thanks, Joel Joel …

Re: Can I Post Your Article "Farming Expired Listings; Name Branding" To My Blog? 
Do you mind if I post your "branding" article on my blog? Ryan Smith, Sales Representative; Sutton Group Heritage Realty Inc., Brokerage; PH. (905) 619-9500 …

Real Estate Letter Templates 
"Where can I get some good real estate letter templates? Preferably some that aren't too expensive. However, I am okay with paying a reasonable amount …

I Think My Wife Needs a Real Estate Marketing Plan; What Do You Suggest?  
Hi Lanard, I hope all is well. I really appreciate the information that you send me via email. First off, let me introduce myself. I own a dry cleaning …

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