Earnest Money

by Tom
(Park City, UT, US)

If I have earnest money in a property and have filed a notice of interest then the bank has foreclosed is there any hope in getting my earnest money back?

Response: About Your Earnest Money by Lanard

Hi Tom - thanks for the question! While I'm not a legal expert, it's crucial to grasp that if you've invested earnest money on a property and have filed a notice of interest, there's a real possibility that you could recover your earnest money even after a foreclosure. This potential for recovery should serve as a beacon of hope. However, it's vital to consult with a real estate attorney who can meticulously analyze the specifics of your situation and provide the most appropriate advice. The outcome may depend on local real estate laws and the details of your earnest money agreement. Given the intricacy involved, seeking professional legal advice is the wisest step to take.

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