Flipping Real Estate

While The Fast Cash Days of Flipping Real Estate may be behind us, opportunities to buy low and sell for a profit still exist.

here's what I learned about flipping real estate

There are a number of reasons for it, but the most significant seems to be the willingness of "flippers" to invest in lower priced homes and neighborhoods. This simple change in attitude has resulted in more ordinary people buying and selling real estate for profit. 

I was first exposed to the idea of flipping properties during a conversation with a stranger on an airplane that turned out to be a life changing event. And although it wasn't right away, I went on to become a full time investor for a number of years. It was an exhilarating time! Here's a little bit of what I learned.

Some of My Flipping Real Estate Experience
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Fix and Flip - I found a property, borrowed enough money to buy and fix it and had enough money left to put money in my pocket. Later I found a buyer, closed on the property and put the rest on the profit into my bank account! It was pretty sweet!

Flipping Homes - Once I got a lead on a house I then looked to find a buyer before I contracted to buy it. As a real estate agent I had developed lots of buyer leads, so I was able to steer some of them to my properties.

Real Estate Flipping - I discovered, and you'll learn, that banks, Credit Unions and other lending institutions have more repossessed homes, houses and investment properties than they know what to do with. When approached them with the right terms...

Flipping Land - Some buyer investors prefer to investment in land/acreage.  Those that I worked with were doctors, insurance agents, and dentists who had more discretionary income than most of my other clients, so find them and sell to them. >> 

Flip This House - I use to watch episodes  of "Flip This House" and think…I can do that, too... and went on to do it. I bought a flipping property course, started talking to others who were already doing it and and went to work..

No Money Down Real Estate - No Money Down Real Estate Opportunities are plentiful. Strategies include lease options, sandwich leases, rent to own, bird dogging and a whole lot more!

House Flipping Tips - The single most important tip that I can offer to any interested potential investor is to treat it like you would any business. Specific ally, establish a plan for each property - make sure that it's written down - and then execute it.

Flip A House - Late night Infomercials make house flipping deals look easy and while it's not as easy as they make it appear, otherwise ordinary are doing it. You can, too.

Flipping Property Course - Finding good deals and being prepared to act on them is basic to flipping houses... and that's exactly what you'll learn in this course.  You'll also bolster your confidence and strengthen your belief that you, too, can do it.

Here's a review of some real estate flipping books to check out

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Using Other People's Resources 
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