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Short-Sale Pre-Foreclosure Investing by Dwan Bent-Twyford and Sharon Restrepp

by T. Renee Perry

Millions of American homeowners are currently distressed, in danger of losing their homes. Stuck between a rock and a hard place. Facing foreclosure, most can't sell their homes and walk away (not with their property worth less than the mortgage). The banks don't want to foreclose (the process is expensive and time-consuming).

So, how do they get out of this predicament? What is the best solution to their problem? A short-sale.

An investor buys the problem property from the homeowner, usually at a price below the outstanding mortgage of the property, in which the bank takes a write-off.

As an investor, you stand to make a profit while helping homeowners prevent foreclosure (not to mention aid in the recovery of our troubled economy).

Learn how to profit from pre-foreclosures with help from the queen of the short-sale, real estate investor Dwan Bent-Twyford. In this single resource, you can read about everything you need to know to maneuver in this game.

This guide: tells you how to find properties in danger and pre-foreclosures, how to approach distressed homeowners facing foreclosure, how to prepare an offer that is helpful to both you and the homeowner, how to negotiate with banks and mortgage holders and how you can earn huge profits through wholesaling, rehabbing, or renting. This is a must read, voted 4.5 out of 5 stars from Amazon customers.

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