How To Get Real Estate Listings Easily

Have you been trying to Get Real Estate Listings, but failed to produce meaningful results?  I was in the same situation until I figured out how to turn things around.

how to get real estate listings

It was nearing the end of the month, just about time to pay bills again.  I hadn't sold any properties, gotten any listings or for that matter come within 100 yards of a good real estate lead.  I was near broke and disappointed beyond words and exhausted on top of it from working around the clock seven days a week with little to show for it.  

I had done floor duty, toured homes, cold called FSBOs, canvassed neighborhoods and did whatever else made sense to get listings and leads, but nothing worked.  Still, despite my lack of results up to that point, I was convinced that I could succeed… I just hadn't found the right combination of strategies yet! 

The Specter of Failure Put Me on The Path to Success

Then I had an “ah-ha” moment. My problem wasn’t that I didn’t know how to get leads – my problem was that my planning and execution sucked!  And it didn’t help matters that I had a shy personality.  

So, I did a “do over”. I rededicated myself to the challenge by sending letters to expired listings, fsbos, and vacant and abandoned properties seven days a week! Sending letters was a way to compensated for my shyness.

I also started learning as much about REOs, HUD and FHA Repos to sell to home buyers. 

Additionally, I started making flyers of my listings and sending them to top producing agents in my area.  Plus, I made it a point to meet and network with some of the most active real estate investors in my community.  

My Real Estate Marketing Strategies Worked

After I began sourcing Multiple Streams of Leads on a regular basis, I started averaging 2 plus listings a week...and sometimes got as many as 12-15 per month. While Farming Expired Listings was preferred marketing strategy, I also secured a lot of listings by farming investors, FSBOs, vacant properties, out of town property owners, etc.  

Also, and surprisingly, I got a fair number of listings from other real estate agents who’d call to tell me about potential listings and investment opportunities that they weren't interested in, but thought that I might be.  Well, in many instances I was… and I listed some and flipped others. 

So, if you want simple but proven effective ways to get real estate listings you should consider farming expired listings as a core strategy, like I did, and add to it fsbos, vacant properties, absentee home owners, etc. This is the letter system I used. With it you can:

  • Duplicate what others are doing to successfully generate listings
  • Secure listings for less than the cost of more expensive lead generating sources
  • Work less and prosper more
  • Forget cold calling - at least if you want to
  • Start sourcing for listings in less than one hour
  • Work from home, or the office 
  •  Get more listings, close more sales

 That's it for now!  Here's to your Real Estate Marketing Success!

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