How To Get Real Estate Listings Like A Pro

Knowing How to Get Real Estate Listings may be the most challenging part of being a licensed real estate agent. But you already know that and are probably doing some of the more common and mundane things to get them, like signing up for office floor & phone duty, cold calling FSBOs, canvassing neighborhoods, etc. But if you want more success, I urge you to add the eleven ideas below. While all are arguably equally effective individually, they have an exponential effect when combined in combinations to create multiple lead streams of lead listing opportunities. 

11 Surefire Ways of Getting Real Estate Listings

1. Take Advantage of Free Advertising opportunities via Online Agent Directories

real estate agent directory

Place your name in agent directories whenever you can. Be sure to include a link to your website to benefit from the search engine benefits that could keep leads and listings coming your way for years. Have you registered your name and business with ours yet?  >>>    

2. Blog for Leads - Target Prospects, Reach Customers, and Increase Revenue

blogging for real estate leads

Do you know a shared feature that Top 100 Websites have in common? The answer is good content and lots of it! These websites often prioritize regular and engaging posts to keep their audiences informed, entertained, or educated, which is crucial to maintaining and growing an online presence.  >>>    

3. Email Marketing For Real Estate Leads

email marketing for real estate agents

Email campaigns can be excellent lead-listing generators, too! Once you set up your first successful one, it can become your template for subsequent ones. Your ability to get real estate listings will grow exponentially by the number of campaigns you run. Want to know more? Check out our Personal Guide To Email Marketing Success.  >>>  

4. Farm Expireds to Get Real Estate Listings with Letters, Flyers & Postcards

Mail Expired Listing Letters to Get Listings

Farming expireds can be one of the most impactful things you do to get real estate listings! And it almost doesn't matter whether you're marketing them via letters, flyers, postcards, or email. The most important thing is that you pursue them! It's easy to start, and you can learn more about our system here. >>>    

5. Source Foreclosures, REOs & Abandoned Properties

where to find foreclosures

Profit-savvy agents know where the best real estate deals are. They position themselves to be involved in them as a listing agent, selling agent, or investor for personal profit and gain. It's a niche market that most agents overlook, so the opportunity for success is big!   >>>  

6. Circulate Flyers to Attract Listings, Buyers and Investors

real estate flyer marketing

You can email thousands of real estate flyers lightning-fast and easily for $20-30 per month. Consequently, I can't think of any good not to do it - but if you're intimidated by the idea of being successful, then that's an entirely different matter altogether. So, start today and grow your prospects with the eight flyer marketing ideas found at the link. >>>     

7. Take Advantage of Both Free & Paid Leads

affordable real estate leads

Free leads are all around you. You can easily identify them as expireds, FSBOs, vacant property owners, move-up sellers, step-down sellers, referrals, and more. You can even pay for them if you want to. Read 18 more affordable real estate lead ideas worth knowing about. >>>    

8. Mail Real Estate Prospecting Letters

expired listing letters

I love prospecting with real estate letters, where every letter sent can have an immediate, midterm, or long-term impact on your business. You can get a response today, tomorrow, or even months after sending them. It's a passive form of marketing, which I love about them, that is also powerfully effective! Here's more about how they can transform your success by generating many listings. >>>      

9. Give Away Home Buying and Selling Reports and Guides as Lead Magnets

free leads for real estate 002

You can build an impressive list of prospects by giving away home-buying and selling reports and guides. Once they're in your lead capture system, you can convert them to leads and listings via email marketing campaigns. Need reports? We have some ready-made for you! >>>  

10. Generate Listings via Real Estate Postcard Marketing Campaigns

just sold postcards

Niche marketing to move up or step down homeowners is a huge opportunity to generate real estate listings. Want to know how big? I'll tell you by asking a question! How many agents do you know who target them? That's how little the competition is! Flex your prowess with these ideas! >>>  

11. Generate Listings via Content Marketing 

prewritten real estate content articles

Inform and educate owners about the home buying and selling process. When you do, your goodwill can help convert some of them to new leads, listings, and sales. Results may be slow initially, but steadfast content marketing via websites, blogs, newsletters, email marketing, and the like can create a steady, reliable source of listings time.  >>>

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Summary Closing

We're back to square one on How To Get Real Estate Listings! At some level, you know the ways outlined above and other ways to get them - that's the easy part, but how you've been trying to get them might not be! So, reboot, do a "do-over," if you will, by taking a moment to identify and connect to lead-listing ideas that resonate with you, and then execute them weekly. With them, you can do as good a job, if not better, of accessing free to low-cost lead listings as paying for them.

Well, That's it for now. Here's to your Real Estate Marketing Success!   Return to top

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