Real Estate Marketing Tip #6:
Farm Expired Listings

Real Estate Marketing Tip #6: Farm Expired Listings  is my most favorite marketing strategy.  Consequently, I find it interesting that it's presented as my 6th marketing tip versus my top one. 

farm expired listings

Still, I'm going to be brief about it though, as there is lots of information about expired listings found here on Real Estate Marketing Talk. The main page is found here!

Why Farm Expired Listings?

Here's the short of it. There are many things about expired listings that are appealing:

1) owners are usually realtor friendly. 

2) you know where and how to find them

3) they lend themselves to automated marketing strategies

4) some owners are eager to negotiate sales because their properties didn't sell during previous listing periods

5) cold calling is not required

6) door to door knocking is not required

7) the systems don't cost a lot of money (at least mine doesn't)

8) the leads are replenishing, as listings expire nearly every day in many communities

9) farming expireds is not hard to do (but it does requirement commitment to time and consistency)

10) you can farm them with letters, post cards, or flyers

11) you can get started today

12) you don't need high tech software programs; a computer and a printer will do just fine

farm expired listings 2

Here's the system I used. However, there are many others that you can choose from...and I encourage you to take a look at them before deciding on any one system. And before you make your final decision pick up the phone and call the seller.  If you reach a live person that's a good indication of their availability should you have problems with a purchase (corrupt download, missing link, product didn’t arrive, etc.).  A call back in case you have to leave a message is just as good.

On the other hand, if you can't reach a live person, or get a return call, I'd recommend that you not buy anything from them, no matter how great they make their system sound.  If you can't talk to a person before you buy something from them there's a very good chance that you probably won't be able to reach them with customer service issues after you buy something from them.  

I, on the other hand, am available 24/7.  And if you don't reach me when you call I typically respond to all calls by the end of the day.  Go ahead. Call me and see for yourself.  I can be reached at 352-283-9316 for your convenience.

Happy Prospecting!
Lanard Perry

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