50 Power Real Estate Letters 
PLUS 50 Matching Articles

Power Real Estate Prospecting Letters

Power Real Estate Letters

It's true! As old-fashioned as it may sound, you can still increase your income by mailing real estate letters, but understanding how to do it effectively is the challenge!

And while generating a steady stream of warm, renewable leads eager to do business with you is challenging, it can be done!  And - the more contacts you have with your prospects, the more likely you will become their preferred agent.

Mailing Letters is Good for New & Veteran Agents

If you're a new agent wanting to start quickly, mailing Real Estate Letters is a great beginning, as you can contact many "potential" buyers and sellers relatively quickly.

On the other hand, if you've been licensed for a while but don't have the volume of business that you want, letter-writing campaigns can turbocharge your marketing efforts with loads of contacts in a short period, over and over again; and when you consistently provide information that they do want they'll begin looking forward to receiving it!  Return to Top

Here's How to Organize Our Power Real Letters
With Matching Reports 

1) After you purchase the letters, create a folder on your computer to upload them to...or if you have a contact manager load them into it.  Then spend a few minutes personalizing the letters and reports with your information; name, email address, office and cell phone numbers, website URL, etc. 

2) Next, read all of them; to get the most out of these letters, you need to know them. And while you're at it, review the index of 1-50 letters and real estate article reports by name, too.  These two things will make the next step easier.

3) Sort the letters and article reports into various campaigns in the order you'd like to mail them.  For example, you might want to create a Seven Letter Campaign targeting Buyers.  These Power Real Estate Letters have more than 14 letters specific to Buyers, plus others that speak to buyer and seller interests.  The point is you'll have plenty to choose from.   

4) Finally, create sub-folders for the various campaigns you created and sequence the letters according to the order you want to mail them.  It would help if you created multiple campaigns for Buyers, Sellers, FSBOs, and Investors to get the best results.

Spending a couple of hours creating and organizing campaigns now will increase the efficiency with which you execute them and their resultant success.    Return to Top

Power Real Estate Letter Titles

Following are titles of 10 of 50 Sample Power Real Estate Letters and Matching Real Estate Article Reports in This Fifty Letter Set, which are indicative of their subject matter and content. 

1.    Buying a Home Online
2.    Buying a home from the U.S. Government
3.    Real Estate Appraisals
4.    A Few Things to Avoid When Buying a Home
5.    A Few Tips for the First-Time Home Buyer
6.    Open Houses - How to Make the Most of the Visit
7.    Home Warranties - What are They and Do You...
8.    Ways to Make the Most of Your House Hunting Trip
9.    How to Find All the Details about the Neighborhood Before...
10.  Mistakes People Make When Buying a Home

These are ten of fifty titles        Return to Top

Ways To Use Our Letters & Reports

These Letters and Matching Real Estate Article Reports can be used as:

Real Estate Prospecting Letters
Email Marketing Content 
Newsletter Articles
Blogging Content
Website Content
Flyer Articles ...
and more 
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Why Use These Letters?

Because each letter and article report is content rich and perfect for building relationships with readers - which is precisely what you want to accomplish via your direct/email mail campaigns, and they're good! How good? Read this Sample Power Letter & Matching Report, and you tell me!

Can You Write Your Own Letters?

Absolutely! But the better question is, should you? I ask because it would take a longggggg time to write Fifty High-Quality Letters like these and even longer to write another 50 Matching Reports. Can you afford to do that? 

Arguably, your time would be better spent devoted to networking, advertising listings, showing properties, prospecting buyers and sellers, holding open houses, sitting floor duty, canvassing neighborhoods, touring new listings, cold calling, etc.

So, who has time to write letters?  I did!  I also hired super-talented writers to write and rewrite the ones in this Power Real Estate Letter Pack! And they are undergoing yet another rewrite to freshen the content.   Return to Top


So, there you have it.  Our 50 Power Real Estate Letters with 50 Matching Reports are content-rich.  As such, they are powerful lead-generating content ready for instant use.   

power real estate letters

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These Power Real Estate Letters are Microsoft Word Documents and are delivered immediately via Email Download.  WinZip is required to open them.  You'll get a link to download a FREE Copy if needed.

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