FSBO Letters for Realtors - 
A Complete FSBO Listing Letter System

Are You Looking For Prewritten FSBO Letters Ready for Immediate Use? If yes, consider these! 

FSBO Letter Listing System

Simple to use and highly effective, you get to see just how good these letters are at generating new business with absolutely no risk.

Mailing FSBO Letters 5 – 6 days a week is a great way to generate real estate leads that have a good chance of converting to listings if you’re a real estate agent... and into investment properties if you’re an investor.

Do You Know That 82% of For Sale by Owners (FSBOs) Fail to Sell Their Properties For Sale by Owner?

They do! And when the reality sets in that they need professional help, many go on to list their properties with a Real Estate Agent. How'd you like to be one o those agents?

An 82% Failure To Sell on their own is HUGE, and it presents a BIG OPPORTUNITY for agents like you to create a new, sustainable source of leads.  And you can get started today, 100% RISK-FREE with our FSBO Letter System!

Stop Letting Success Elude You

FSBO Letters can power agents to increased marketing success.

If you've been licensed for a while, you know first-hand just how difficult breaking into the real estate business can be. New Agents start with few leads if any, and six months later, they could be on the verge of having to hang up their licenses for salaried careers because they couldn’t gain enough traction to get over the hump!

Similarly, many Veteran Agents could be scratching and clawing, too -  barely hanging on by running up credit debt, spending their savings, working a part-time/full-time job to supplement their income, etc. 

Here’s what I have to say about that. Are You Crazy?  STOP digging yourself into a deeper hole and start experiencing some of the success you deserve.

What Top Producers Do That Other Agents Don't! 
Farm Prospects by Mailing FSBO Letters

Farm FSBOs with Our Letters

Many Top Producing Agents use Pre-written FSBO Letter Systems to Farm Prospects.  They know generating new leads, listings and sales become more manageable using them!

How So? For one thing... the hard part has been done for you.  If you've tried writing letters, you know firsthand how frustrating writing even one good letter can be, much less a series of them.

There's more to writing effective Real Estate Marketing Letters than just putting words onto a piece of paper. Writing is a skill that requires years of practice to refine, and if you're not a naturally talented or gifted writer, you can't afford to wait years to become proficient.

You can be mailing letters today versus weeks from now!

Farming For Sale By Owner Properties
with FSBO Letters

Letters to Farm FSBOs

Should You Farm FSBOs? Of course, you should... and here are the two biggest reasons!

1) Few Agents farm them consistently, which makes it easier to get a piece of this lucrative market!  Don’t believe me? Let's test the theory. How many agents do you personally know farm FSBOs regularly? None, if at all... or a few at best, right?  Right!  I rest my case!

2) The first reason leads to the second and most significant reason. Because so few agents farm FSBOs regularly, your potential to leverage them into listings and sales has no limit!

Discover how our FSBO Letter System can give you a seemingly unfair advantage over other agents, leaving them to wonder why you’re so successful in getting leads, listings, and sales and why they’re not!

Conventional Wisdom Says You Should Cold Call FSBOs, But Should You?

MAYBE!  I know that's not what you want to hear, but here's why I say it! FSBO owners can be rude, obnoxious, and in general unpleasant.

To be blunt, they don't appreciate agents calling and interrupting their dinner, a visit with friends, their rest after a long day at work, or whatever they might be doing. Understandably, they're not pleased to hear from you when you call.

And then there's the impact on your psyche. Each rejection can have a long-term adverse effect on your self-confidence and drive to succeed.

The result? It's hard to stay positive when you experience rejection all day long, but with FSBO Letters doing the work for you, you never have to cold call again...unless you want to.

Another benefit to mailing letters is that owners keep them in their homes long after they've forgotten phone calls and will call you when they're ready to do business. 

Are you a Type A Personality compelled to call the owners as a follow-up to your letters? By all means, do, but I'll offer that putting a copy of the Special Give Away Report To FSBOs personalized with your information in their hands, thereby validating you as a subject matter author expert, will amplify your chances of getting their business a lot more than a phone call alone.

Five Biggest Reasons To Mail FSBO Letters

benefits of farming FSBOs with letters

                          With these letters, you can...

  1. Get A Lot Done In a Little Bit of Time (They're Perfect For Full Time and Part Time Agents)

  2. Work Effectively and Efficiently When Using Them (They Can Be Personalized & Ready For Use In Minutes)

  3. Capture Leads For Follow-Up Mailings With The Free Thirty-Five Page SPECIAL REPORT For FSBOs (Planning and Preparing Your Home for Sale – Without a Realtor!)

  4. Receive One Of The Best Returns on an Investment In Your Success (The cost of a postage stamp for a listing.) 

  5. Achieve The Level of Selling Success That You Envisioned When You Got Your Real Estate Agent License
unlock your potential mailing FSBO letters

You Can Be Mailing FSBO Letters In Minutes!

Here's what's included...

  • Five Letters - Sequenced and Ready to Be Mailed. Use one or all of them. You'll soon figure out what works best for you.

  • A FSBO Listing Log - Keep Track of The Letters You're Mailing. It allows you to speak specifically about an owner's property when they call you.  

  • A Special Give Away Report for FSBO Owners - To Capture Their Contact Information For Followup Mailings and Set You Up As Their Future Listing Agent! Plus, giveaway reports can help you grow and regularly replenish your prospects.

  • A Marketing Update Report  - It Helps You Keep FSBOs Informed & Up to Date on Your Efforts to Sell Their Homes. Nobody will if you don't tell them what you do to market their homes for sale.

  • A FSBO Letter System Overview Guidebook  - This Guide Helps You Get The Most Out of Your Letters To Maximize Leads, Listings, and Sales!

Here's a Sample FSBO Letter 

It's not one in the packet below, but it is refelective of the qulaity of the ones you'll get.

Dear Mr. & Mrs. For Sale By Owner,

I hope this letter finds you well. My name is [Your Name], and I am a licensed real estate agent with [X years of experience]. I noticed that you are selling your home For Sale By Owner (FSBO), and I am contacting you regarding my services.

As an experienced agent, I have helped many homeowners like you successfully navigate the home-selling process. While I understand the appeal of selling your home on your own, it's important to consider the potential risks. That's where I come in, offering you the professional assistance you need to avoid these pitfalls. My services are designed to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your home is in the hands of a seasoned professional.

First and foremost, I can help you price your home accurately based on current market conditions. This can ensure you receive the best possible price for your property without overpricing it and turning away potential buyers.

In addition, I can help you market your home effectively to attract a larger pool of potential buyers. With my extensive network and marketing expertise, I can get your home in front of the right people and generate more interest in your property. For example, I offer [unique marketing strategy or tool] that has proven to be highly effective in attracting potential buyers.

Finally, I can help you navigate the negotiations and paperwork involved in the home-selling process. This can help protect your interests and ensure the sale goes smoothly.

I would love to discuss how I can help you sell your home quickly and for the best possible price. I understand that every home is unique, and I am committed to tailoring my services to meet your specific needs. Please contact me as soon as possible to schedule a consultation.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

The Letters In This Packet Bring In Listings

I wrote and personally used these FSBO Letters, so I know how effective they are.  Specifically, I averaged 2 PLUS Listings a Week when I used them along with my Expired Listing Letters. They're simple but are laser-like and effective. 

Also, I wrote, refined, and tweaked these letters over several years...and when I got them right (finely tuned for maximum effectiveness), they generated a recurring source of new listings. Knowing that I would get a couple of new listings a week was comforting.

They worked for other agents and me, and I am convinced they'll work for you, too. And there's ZERO RISK to trying them, as they come with a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee! So, try them out today!  You can order here

For Sale By Owner Letters

$97 Click Here To Order

Remember, They're 100% Risk-Free!  
Try them for 90 Days, and if you aren't 100% satisfied with your purchase, I'll Immediately Refund ALL of Your Money with No Questions Asked.

These Letters are Microsoft Word Documents and are Delivered Immediately via Email Download. WinZip is required to open them.  You'll get a link to download a FREE Copy if you need it.

Have questions before you order?  Call me (Lanard Perry). See my phone number here. If I don't answer immediately, leave a voice message, and I'll call you right back.

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