Real Estate Articles for Buyers and Sellers

real estate articles for buyers and sellers

Real Estate Articles for Buyers and Sellers! Understandably, buyers and sellers have different needs, interests, and responsibilities when buying and selling real estate. However, they also share some and are linked in ways that can blow up deals should either come up short on their end of the bargain. Here's a look at some of them.

Real Estate Appraisals are Not The Same as Home Inspections

Real Estate Appraisals are a vital part of the home-buying process, but many people mistakenly believe they serve the same purpose as home inspections. It's important to understand that the primary goal of an appraisal, unlike a home inspection, is to assure mortgage lenders that the property's value is commensurate with the amount they are lending. This distinction is crucial, as appraisals are mandatory before lenders will finalize loan approvals.  >>>

Real Estate Closing Costs

"Closing Costs" refer to the fees linked with purchasing and selling real estate, which can be pretty pricey. These costs are payable at the "closing," the final step in a real estate transaction when all the necessary documents are signed and the property is officially transferred. This is when buyers and sellers come together to finalize the deal. Usually, this is a joyous occasion, as sellers receive their money and buyers acquire new homes. However, certain factors can impede closings that would otherwise proceed smoothly toward a favorable outcome. >>>   Return to Top

Mortgage Loan Discount Points

Discount points are charges buyers pay to their mortgage lenders during closings to secure the lowest interest rate on their home loans. Each discount point represents one percent of the loan amount and typically reduces the interest rate on the buyer's 30-year loan by 0.125 percent. Although it may not seem significant, the savings throughout a mortgage can add up to a considerable sum. >>>   Return to Top

Step By Step Closing Procedures

Closing on the sale of a house is the final meeting where the buyer and seller settle the legal aspects of the property transfer. This meeting may involve the buyer, seller, Realtors, attorneys, and closing agents. While it's common practice for everyone to meet face-to-face, it's important to note that some aspects of the transaction, such as document signing, may be handled through mail. >>>    Return to Top

Real Estate Title Insurance

When purchasing a home, your lawyer or representative (e.g., Title Insurance Company) will perform a title search, also known as a title examination, to establish property ownership. This process involves gathering and meticulously reviewing all public records that impact the title to the property you are buying. The search aims to ensure that the property can be conveyed to buyers with a clear title, free from any liens or encumbrances, at closing.  >>>   Return to Top

Mortgage Escrow Accounts

Escrow is like a safety net for homeowners, ensuring they have the money to cover their insurance and property taxes when they are due. It's also incredibly convenient, as it means homeowners don't have to worry about managing these payments themselves. With this financial cushion in place, homeowners can avoid late fees and unpaid taxes. Plus, it reduces the risk of potential financial trouble if others fail to make these critical payments on their behalf. >>>    Return to Top  

Contracts - Get It In Writing

When negotiating a contract, you should include every expectation about the agreement, including what goes and what stays. Assume nothing and put everything in writing that's important to you. If you don't you can anticipate some undesireable outcomes that lead to frustration and in worst case scenarios the unraveling of a deal!  >>>   Return to Top

Home Warranties

An attractive feature of new homes includes new home warranties on appliances and major systems, like heating, air conditioning, and roof. Often overlooked with older homes is an option to offer Home Warranty Plans for used homes. These plans can set buyers at ease when buying older homes while adding value to the property. If you’re not offering one, you’re handicapping yourself! >>>   Return to Top

Online Auctions

Online real estate auctions are reshaping how we buy and sell homes, offering convenience, transparency, and a global reach. Explore the future of property transactions, from virtual bidding to unprecedented opportunities. Are you curious about how this could transform your next real estate deal? Read more to unlock the possibilities! >>>

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