Eight Real Estate Flyer Ideas To Boost Your Business

real estate flyer ideasReal Estate Flyer Ideas

Implementing Creative Real Estate Flyer Ideas can significantly enhance your property marketing efforts, capture attention, and effectively showcase the unique features of your listings. It's also a great way to build credibility, establish and reinforce a brand, and build a mailing list. 

Plus, flyers are hard to beat as lead generators. With "attention-grabbing" appeal, snappy headlines, and colorful presentations, there's no limit to how successful your flyer marketing campaigns can be.

Get Big Results / Simple Real Estate Flyer Ideas 

Flyers wield remarkable power as advertising tools, serving as potent instruments for self-promotion. And their purpose is clear: to connect with potential customers and effectively engage them with your services.

From logo design to carefully selected eye-catching graphics, they are the perfect tools to advertise and promote open houses, new listings, rentals, leased properties, commercial properties, workshops, etc.

Eight Real Estate Flyer Ideas That Generate Leads Listings and Sales

eight real estate flyer ideasPromote Yourself with Real Estate Flyer Ideas

The Real Estate Flyer Ideas below are techniques and strategies successful real estate agents use across the country.  Their order is entirely random and not based on any rank of preference or effectiveness. Hopefully, you'll find something that resonates with you that you can use in your market!

One. Use Real Estate Flyers for Farming – become a neighborhood specialist! The payoff is that the community will start thinking of you as their subject matter expert when they want to conduct real estate business. 

While this may not necessarily result in the immediate gratification of listing or selling something, it'll significantly increase your potential for future business! Carefully considered and selected communities today can mature into mega leads, listings, and sales tomorrow! 

Two. Circulate Real Estate Flyers to Get Buyer Leads – distribute flyers about hot properties where people shop or gather on weekends, like shopping malls and grocery stores.  Place them on car windshields or hand them out.  You can do it starting this coming weekend, even if you don’t have listings of your own to promote.

If you’re short on listings, advertise one of your co-workers' listings, but only with their permission.  Or, pivot to sourcing buyers and investors by giving away free information reports you know they will likely be interested in. It's an easy way to generate leads – and relatively fast!  Few things happen fast in real estate, but this is one of them! 

Three. Send a Real Estate Agent Introduction Flyer Often – not just once, but several times a year to new audiences. Whether you’re a new or veteran agent, you can always benefit from having as many people know you’re a licensed agent offering assistance with their real estate needs as possible.  

Your flyer can 1) announce that you’re a neighbor specializing in neighborhood real estate, 2) tell them about a new listing, or 3) convey any other message you want. 

Four. Take Advantage of Real Estate Open House Flyers – circulate open house flyers to create interest and drive traffic to your open houses.  Circulate and distribute them to a neighbor, your farming area, your contact list via advertising, and the like. 

Once they’re at the open house, be sure to have flyers for people who show up from signs, ads, or just from having driven by and noticing that something special was happening.

Five. Capitalize on Just Listed Real Estate Flyers – a variation on the theme of sending flyers to prospective buyers is to send them to your farming areas, neighborhoods in which you’ve established yourself as a neighborhood specialist, to a niche market (doctors, nurses, attorneys, judges, teachers), etc. 

You can create niche marketing lists to your liking by researching licensing and certification boards to include states, counties, and cities you’re most interested in.  

Six. Create and Distribute Just Sold Real Estate Flyers – everybody loves hearing success stories, especially those you have made a part of your sphere of influence (neighbors, farming areas, niche prospects, etc.).  

Doing so will help to establish yourself as an agent who gets the job done and nurtures and grows relationships with future potential buyers and sellers.  

Seven. Email Flyers to Real Estate Agents – embrace and capitalize on the fact that agents have buyers.  Consequently, sending them copies of new listing flyers can be very productive whenever you get new listings. 

The best practice could include identifying and making sure that the Top Ten Selling Agents in your city personally know about your new listings.  

Eight.  Distribute Flyers Via Paper and Electronically – posting them on Facebook and Craigslist are two platforms you should incorporate into your flyer distribution channels since both can be free!  

real estate flyer ideasHow and Where to Circulate These Real Estate Flyer Ideas for Best Results

              On Windshields of automobiles located at 

  1. Grocery Stores 
  2. Shopping Center Parking Lots
  3. Mall Parking Lots 
  4. Parades  
  5. Sporting Events 
  6. Laundromats   

    On Countertops, Tables, and Other Surfaces located in...

  7. Dentist Offices 
  8. Doctor Offices 
  9. Stores 
  10. Laundromats 
  11. Dry Cleaning Businesses 
  12. Stores  
  13. Restaurants 
  14. Any business not explicitly mentioned on this list 

    Hand To Hand
  15. Wherever you encounter gatherings of people (at any of the locations and events described above)
  16. On Billboards

    Electronic Distribution 

  17. Email
  18. Mail 
  19. E-Newsletters
  20. Email Marketing 
  21. Neighborhood Association Newsletters or Websites
  22. Text Messaging   
  23. Online Community Forums (There's a free one in almost every community.  All you have to do is google to find it).
  24. On Your Website 

    Via Social Media Platforms

  25. Facebook
  26. Craigslist 
  27. Twitter  

    Via Printed Media 

  28. Newspaper Inserts 
  29. Magazines 
  30. In Thrifty Papers

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Well, that's it for now. Here's To Your Real Estate Flyer Marketing Success!

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