Real Estate Marketing Flyers

Real Estate Marketing Flyers give agents, owners, and investors the ability to market their listings and properties with pizzazz. 

Real Estate Marketing FlyersReal Estate Marketing Flyers

Sure, you can always go the "Plain Jane" route of circulating boring, low visual appealing flyers; but their low-value look is likely to get you poor responses. 

There is enormous competition for the leads you're trying to get, so you want to give your best effort the first time. And to do that, your marketing materials must be top-notch to realize great results.

Of course, there are always exceptions, but when in doubt about the quality of your marketing materials, you should go the extra mile to distinguish yourself in memorable ways; like no-obligation offers to pre-qualify buyers for mortgage loans, private showing of exclusive properties, calculations of how to buy homes for the same as rent, etc.

And you can do all this and more through the creative use of real estate marketing flyers, which are affordable and easy to design and distribute to a targeted niche of unique prospects.

Here's an excellent article about how to maximize the use of flyers. Enjoy!

How to Make a Home for Sale Flyer Using Marketing Psychology   By Jeanette Joy Fisher

Want to sell your home right away, for the highest profit to you? Discover how to improve on the Realtor’s number two sales tool--right after the sign--your sales flyer.

Most real estate agents use a sales flyer template which showcases their listings using out-of-date marketing strategies. For some reason, agents don't follow successful Internet marketing sales-copy techniques. They put a pretty house picture in the middle, list the home's features, and finish with a big picture of themselves. But, buyers don't care what your agent looks like! They want to know why your house outshines every other house in the neighborhood. Buyers want to know what your house can do for them!

Internet marketers learned how to grab your attention and motivate you to buy, NOW. How do they do that? They emphasize benefits to the reader. Not features of the product. Internet readers want to know, right away, "What's in it for me?"

The purpose of your flyer, to motivate home buyers to look at your home and to remember it, requires that you spend some time thinking about what's in it for your buyers. Why would they like living in your home? What makes your home better than the other houses for sale in your area?

Marketing Psychology turns features into benefits.

  1. Think about why your large back yard benefits the buyer. Instead of saying "large back yard," give a reason to care, such as: Room to play in your large back yard. 
  2. Why is your patio unique? Does it have a built-in barbeque? Then list the feature as a benefit: Entertain in your private park with built-in barbeque. 
  3. Why does a buyer care about paint? No painting needed, fresh paint throughout.  
  4. Why does a buyer care about new kitchen appliances? No worries, all new kitchen appliances.  
  5. Great neighborhood? Why? Easy walk to top-rated elementary school and city park.

What's so extraordinary about your house?

Copyright (c) 2005 Jeanette J. Fisher. All rights reserved.

For a full report on sales flyer marketing to sell your home (or houses), visit Jeanette Fisher’s Sell Your Home for Top Dollar--Fast. Learn about decorating to attract buyers. Professor Fisher teaches Design Psychology college courses and professional real estate seminars. She is the author of books on home staging, credit for buying real estate, and investing.

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