Real Estate Open House Flyers

Real EstateOpen House Flyers can be a quick way to generate new business... and you can start this weekend, even if you don't 

Real Estate Open House FlyersReal Estate Open House Flyers

have any listings of your own! Especially if you don't have any listings on your own! Good turnouts can turn into leads, listings, and sales... and to say it, "poor ones can, too!"

 Steps To Hosting a Well Attended Open House - A Trifecta for Success

Ever had poor attendance at an open house? I have... and does it suck! After many successful attempts, I discovered that several things usually resulted in high attendance and led to follow-up afterward.

Below is what I learned, a step-by-step roadmap for using a Real Estate Open House Flyer for maximum attendance and lead generation. Here's how it goes!

Step One. Select a Listing; Even if It's Not One of Yours - while this might seem like a "duh,” you should select a house with excellent curb appeal and shows well inside.

The outside will interest people driving by enough to stop and come inside... and if the home is staged well, they'll be wowed when they do. This combination of inside and outside appeal will help you build your mailing list of buyer and seller prospects.

If you don’t have any own listings, borrow one - it's not a crime! It’s a clever marketing strategy to generate leads when you don't have any own listings.

How? By approaching an agent with many listings and offering to hold an Open House on their behalf! What do you think they're going to say - no? Not a chance. Sane agents will jump at the offer and take you up on it before you can get all the words out of your mouth!

Hopefully, their benefit will be obvious; but here it is if it isn't. Specifically, tell them they will get extra help marketing their properties, and even when your efforts don't result in a sale, it could still gain the homeowners’ appreciation for them thinking out of the box! They get to be heroes to their clients, and you get the benefit of generating new leads and increased business opportunities. Can you see agents accepting your offer? I can... and they will!

If you have many listings but work alone, this idea can benefit you, too! Specifically, approach a newbie in your office and offer them this opportunity. While you’ll be doing something to help yourself, it could also be a confidence builder for a struggling new agent with few leads!

Real Estate Open House FlyersSelect an Attractive House That Will Attract a Crowd

Step Two. Make the flyers you want to make two sets of flyers; one to promote the event and another for placing in the Open House as a handout to attendees. There's more about this below!

Step Three – Launch your event! Distribute the Real Estate Open House Flyers far and wide to generate buzz.

Send the Open House Announcement Flyer via a Special Invitation to the Top 10-15 Selling Agents in your MLS. 

  • Even if they don’t come, it could be well received and serve as a first step in developing a working relationship.
  • Do this every time you host an event and get a new listing! Every time!

Send flyers to other agents you know to be successful in their own right (you've observed their listings and sales coming across the MLS).

  • They could have active buyers. Also, the more agents you invite, the more likely you will get a good turnout!

Advertise and promote the event: Advertise it on tv and radio if you have the budget. Otherwise, skip to the next step - it'd be a more affordable option.

Promote the event via Facebook and other Social Media platforms. If you have a Facebook account, create an "Open House Event" and invite your friends to it… at no cost!

When I last did a variation of this idea, I was able to invite 500 Facebook friends to the event I held - free!

Distribute Your Real Estate Open House Flyers Far and WideGenerate Excitement! Distribute Your Real Estate Open House Flyers Far and Wide.

Generate Excitement! Distribute Your Real Estate Open House Flyers Far and Wide.

Similarly, post the Flyer on your Facebook Page and ask your friends to share it with their friends, resulting in even more shares and likes.  This is free, too!    

Contact your leads and prospects. Send them a flyer and invite them to the Open House.

Text and email are the preferred methods of communication nowadays, and you get to promote the event at a minimal cost.   

Finally, hand distribute the flyers to homeowners living in the community where the home is located. They may be curious enough to come to evaluate how their homes stack up against their neighbors' homes.

Ultimately, it would help if you placed your open house flyers in mailboxes, car windshields, screen doors, etc.  You'll save the cost of postage while personally meeting many people and generating great leads in the process!

Open House Real Estate Flyers

Now, prepare yourself for some visitors. People will respond to your invitations and handouts, Realtors will bring their prospects, and neighbors will come… even if you don’t sell it during the event, you can still generate significant leads.

A Suite of Flyers
More Recommendations for A
Successful Real Estate Agent Open House 

Successful Open Houses can be the norm with the execution of the steps above and well-designed, visually appealing Real Estate Open House Flyers. 

Dazzle with colorful, eye-popping designs; or give it to them plain and simple. Either way, make them appealing enough to get people interested in your promotion.

Consider the following scenarios to appreciate the awesomeness of variations on how variations on the theme can magnify your success by featuring individual flyers for each room in the house. 

Let's Take a Look at The Kitchen First - if it was recently remodeled tell it on its' featured flyer. Express it in ways that are succinct, informative and engaging.

The Master Bedroom – most buyers are interested in the measurements, so share that information on a flyer specific for it. Plus, it’s one less thing Open House attendees will have to remember about the home.

The Flooring - does the home have upgraded flooring?  Tell that too with its own featured flyer, and if it has new a/c unit or roof tell that, too! In fact, tell it all in your suite of flyers and leave nothing to chance.

Do you think Open House attendees will remember your properties when presented like this?  I do!

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 That's it for now! Happy Prospecting!

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