Making Big Money Investing In Foreclosures Without Cash or Credit 2nd edition

People like you are once again Making Big Money Investing In Foreclosures Without Cash or Credit, despite the current Post Covid economic state of affairs.

And more good news is the economy is nicely recovering, even though people are nowhere close to being fully healed after the worst recession since the Great Depression.

So don’t think I’m totally daft when I suggest that now is a good time to start a new business; like Investing in Foreclosures.  

Yes, I understand that healthy wages are stagnant for much, if not most, of the workforce; and that although the Dow Jones Industrial Average may be feeling the recovery, the average American isn’t.

Also, I understand that conventional wisdom may be that “starting a business during times when the economy and many people are not at their best may not be the best idea.  However, history bears plenty of evidence that businesses can find solid footing even in the worst of economies.

A few of the world's best known companies that got their starts when the economy wasn't at its best include: Microsoft, FedEx, General Electric, Revlon Cosmetics, & Hyatt Hotels. See this article for more about them. I believe if they can do it you can, too!

The ABCs of Investing In Foreclosures Without Cash or Credit

So, what do buyers investing in foreclosures know that you don’t? Do you need to have a lot of money to get started; a degree in buying foreclosures, or a license to buy and sell them?

This guide by Peter Conti suggests that you do not. That even you, with no cash and no credit to invest, can make big money in the foreclosure game.

Conti suggests that the key to making money in the real estate field, is to find motivated sellers. Homeowners in financial trouble (pre-foreclosures, wanting to take the short-sale option) are excellent starting places.

This guide hands you the keys of how to find properties in foreclosure, negotiate with sellers that are in financial distress, and how to resell those properties for a profitable gain.

In this thoroughly updated guide, Conti shows real estate investors how to:

  • understand the concepts involved in investing in foreclosures
  • find motivated sellers, structure the deals (including how to buy with little or nothing down
  • negotiate with sellers in foreclosure (including how to overcome obstacles and close deals  
  • avoid costly contract pitfalls and hold on to newly acquired properties and how to grow a portfolio for long-term equity build-up

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