How Many Expired Listing Letters Do I Need To Mail To Get Results?

by Robert

I tried expired listings before. I sent out about 85 letters and got not one call. I thought my letter was pretty good. What is the general ratio of letters to listings? 100:1 or what? What is a reasonable expectation?

Response From Lanard: Robert. Thanks for The question!

It sounds like you made a significant effort with expired listings but didn't receive any responses. However, this doesn't mean your efforts were in vain. Writing an effective letter for this purpose can be challenging, especially when dealing with expired listings. It's important to consider whether you wrote the letter yourself or used a proven, effective template. By making some adjustments and learning from this experience, you can significantly improve your marketing strategy.

Utilizing prewritten letters can be a game-changer in your communication with clients. These well-crafted, proven letters, ready in advance, not only save time but also ensure a consistent and effective message. This streamlined approach can help you maintain a professional and polished image. Take a look at our prewritten real estate letters to see how they can elevate your business!
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On the other hand, if you crafted your letter independently, it's crucial to evaluate your writing skills. Seeking feedback from others can offer valuable insights into the effectiveness of your written communication, helping you improve and refine your approach.

As for the question about the general ratio of letters to listings, it's important to understand that various factors can influence the results. These include the time of year, market conditions, and even interest rates. I managed to average 2 plus listings per week by mailing ten expired listing letters a day, five to six days a week (old and new). It took three months to get to that level of efficiency. When there were not ten expireds a day, I mailed letters to for sale by owners (FSBOs) and vacant property owners to make up the difference!

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