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"Where can I get some good real estate letter templates? Preferably some that aren't too expensive. However, I am okay with paying a reasonable amount for really good ones."

Lanard's Response. Let's start with good news. Many good Real Estate Letter Templates are available online, many of which you can read before purchasing them. Consequently, you'll know precisely what you'll get when you buy them. If you like them well enough to buy them, do it! If you need more time, keep searching until you find the ones you're satisfied with.

The better news is that I can help narrow the field and point you to affordably priced letter sets I wrote and used for many years as a licensed agent. After I retired my license, I made them available to other agents needing to generate more leads, listings, and sales. Here's a sampling of what we offer at Real Estate Marketing Talk.

1. Expired Listing Letter Templates- I jump-started my real estate career with these letters I wrote and tweaked to impressive efficiency, generating two plus listings weekly. The inaugural set included:

Expired letters
A FSBO letter
An absentee property owner letter
A vacant land owner letter
A commercial property letter, and
A few others

2. FSBO Letter Templates - As time passed, I developed five letters sequenced and ready to be mailed to FSBOs to gain a larger share of them in my market. What I loved most about sourcing leads with letters is that rejection isn't so abrasive. People who don't want to do business with you don't respond to your letters. Consequently, their disinterest rarely arises to the level of disappointment.

3. Power Real Estate Letter Templates - This letter set includes 50 letters with 50 matching reports. The idea is to send teaser letters compelling the receivers to call or request more information, which would be the reports. They're high-utility materials, meaning you can use them for email campaigns, blogging, newsletter content, and more.

Finally, You Mentioned Affordability. All of our letter templates are reasonably priced and come with money-back satisfaction guarantees, so they're risk-free to try! Check them out and let me know what you think.

Alternatively, you can readily find letter writers at FIVERR or pre-written letters and templates on other sites by simply Googling them. But buyer beware, you could quickly become immobilized due to the thousands of query results you will get. On the other hand, you found ours, and it wasn't by accident!

I hope this helps!

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