Re: Farming Expired Listing System

Thank you, Mr. Perry, for your well-written and helpful information. I have a question; maybe you'd be kind enough to share more knowledge.

A family member (who is a licensed real estate agent) has requested my help in generating additional income through expireds. Upon checking with the local MLS office, we find they claim no input or activity whatsoever with expireds; they receive updates only as agents input computer data. Currently MLS shows 2,500 expired listings...prior to 2009; none for 2009, and only seven for the period so far in 2010 for the agent's current work area in the South Bay portion of LA. Considering agent income at this time in this area, these listings most certainly have not all sold. Is the answer to simply try another area (even though the agent is reluctant to leave an area faithfully farmed for six years)?

Also, we are noticing a great discrepancy between the South Bay area listings and those in the Inland Empire area; the former area shows in each of the dozen towns we searched to have single digit expireds dating from the first of this year while those in the latter area (Riverside/San Bernardino Counties) show a few hundred for that same time period. Still not nearly enough to send ten letters each day.

Any suggestions? This really needs to work; we're more than willing to offer our best effort and to think and work outside the box but don't know enough about expireds to climb out. Your additional assistance in this matter is certainly appreciated.


On 4/8/2010 9:26 PM, Perry wrote:
Hi - I received your check today as payment for the Farming Expired Listing System. It's attached for your convenience. It's a pretty good system that I kicked butt using. I think it'll work for you too.

As you are experiencing, markets are cyclical. There are times when it's very active and times when it's excruciatingly slow. A key to long-term success is to stay the course when you have good processes while being flexible enough to adapt to current conditions by varying the theme. For example, when expireds are low to non-existent, pivot to farming fsbos, vacant properties, absentee property owners, apartment dwellers, military veterans, investors, and the like.

Advertising is always a good bet for generating leads. Free is good, but it gets better when one shares experiences and promotes their services here on Real Estate Marketing Talk. Doing so can create links to the agent's website/blog. They can

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Thanks for your order. Also, please call me right away if you have any problems.


Lanard Perry (352-283-9316)
Real Estate Marketing Talk
Farming Expired Listings

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