What will disqualify you from getting your real estate license?

"I have a friend that wants to get her real estate license, but she has a felony. Will that disqualify her?"

Response form Lanard It's wonderful that your friend is considering getting her real estate license. While it's true that in some states, individuals with felony convictions may encounter barriers, it's crucial to remember that these are not insurmountable. There are often procedures in place to review such cases and grant exceptions based on factors such as the nature of the felony and the time passed since the offense. This means that your friend not only has a chance, but a real opportunity to pursue her real estate career and succeed.

Your friend needs to understand that honesty is a cornerstone of the application process. It's crucial that she is forthright about her past, as obtaining a license through dishonesty could lead to severe consequences. I encourage her to be transparent and forthcoming, as this is the best approach to take.

For a comprehensive understanding of her specific state's policies, it's essential that your friend reaches out to her state real estate commission. They are there to help and provide guidance. Whether by phone or in writing, she should inquire about her eligibility for a real estate license. I suggest she prepares a list of questions and her personal circumstances before contacting them. A quick online search using her state's name followed by 'Real Estate Commission' should provide her with the relevant contact information.

I want to reiterate my support for your friend's pursuit of a real estate license. I have no doubt that with her determination and the right approach, she can achieve great success in her real estate endeavors. I wish her the best of luck.

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