I Think My Wife Needs a Real Estate Marketing Plan; What Do You Suggest?

by Marty
(Montreal, Canada)

Hi Lanard, I hope all is well. I really appreciate the information that you send me via email.

First off, let me introduce myself. I own a dry cleaning business in Montreal Canada (family business since 1979). My wife is however a real estate agent.

She got her license 4 yrs ago when she was on maternity leave. Since then, she has been working on and off (family and friends mostly - nothing major); I must say she was also raising my girls.

Now however, she has more time to dedicate to real estate and is willing to put in the time and the effort needed to succeed.

But I really think she needs a plan / system. What do you suggest? Your "Farming expired Listings" system perhaps?

Please let me know what you think would best.



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Real Estate Marketing Plan Ideas
by: Lanard Perry

Fortunately, the sky is the limit, as there are many strategies your wife can do to generate leads that convert to listings and sales; and converting expired listings to new ones is a great one. So, yes - I recommend the Farming Expired Listing System on this site. Here’s a link to it.

However, it shouldn't be her only strategy. For example, I encourage agents to take advantage of "free advertising" opportunities by adding their names to "Agent Directories" like the one found here.

Additionally, she can post comments to articles and listings found here and elsewhere regularly, with links back to her blog and website. Each time she does, her name will circulate the Internet and drive traffic (leads) her way. She should always include her full name, phone number, email address, and website/blog URL if she has one.

If she doesn't have a website, she should get one, even if it's a simple one-pager to capture names and addresses to generate a prospect database. I can help with that if she needs it.

She can also source buyer and seller leads via real estate flyer marketing, even if she has no listings of her own.

Finally, and in summary, she should consider hiring a coach to help her with these and other lead-generating ideas if she needs to generate more leads.

Thanks for writing, and I hope this helps.


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