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Some Real Estate Postcard Ideas can be ineffective, but you may already know that from personal experience. Still, some agents maintain that Post Card Marketing is an underutilized strategy known by many but used by few.

They argue that when correctly done, direct mailing them can be an affordable marketing strategy that yields exceptional results... and while there is no secret formula that guarantees success all the time, there are best practices for optimizing outcomes.  

Seven Real Estate Postcard Ideas That Can Change The Trajectory of Your Career

Postcards are hard to overlook and deliver quick, clean messages that drive results. Following are seven ideas on how you can transform your business using them! 

1. Niche Market High-End Apartment Dwellers.
2. Build A Mailing List
3. Fortify Your Online Presence
4. Don't Let Cost Stop You; Take Advantage of FREE Postcard Templates
5. Make Your Own Postcards
6. Bulk Postcards; Two Step Success System
7. Beating Your Competition with Postcards

Real Estate Postcard Ideas - Tip #2; Build A Mailing List. Postcard Marketing works, whether you're an internet marketer, brick and mortar business owner, dry cleaning business, real estate investor, or a real estate agent or related professional.

Often, marketers make the mistake of trying to generate sales through their first contact...and some do. However, that's likely to happen only sometimes! Consequently, you'll be better off building a prospect mailing list with physical and email addresses. You probably know why, but I'll tell you anyway.

Real Estate is way too big of an expenditure to be done on a whim; plus, it's been proven repeatedly that hard sales tactics typically don't work. Instead, use real estate postcard marketing campaigns to build relationships with people and to create your very own mailing list of warm, potential prospects who want to continue hearing from you after receiving your initial postcard.

But here's a critical component of your campaign. ; always include as many ways you can be contacted as possible, but at a minimum, include your autoresponder address so that your follow-up information will be mailed automatically. Of course, you'll want to give your mailing list/newsletter subscribers something for subscribing to your mailing list, which can be anything, including special real estate reports for buyers and sellers.

So, get started building your mailing list today. To Your Real Estate Marketing Success! Return to Top

Real Estate Postcard Ideas - Tip #3; Fortify Your Online Presence. If you're not mining the Internet for business, you're losing market share to someone who is. And by mining the Internet, I mean using it to target a local audience. Here's how to do it, assuming you already have a website.

1. Submit a business profile to the search engines; Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. Here's why. When someone searches for local businesses (Say Google Maps, for instance), they'll get a list of businesses with links to their website page. You'll need to submit a profile to be included in the results.

A nice thing about this is that the profile can serve as your online presence. In other words, you don't have any other online presence to take advantage of this FREE Internet Marketing Advertising opportunity. Sign up here for free!

2. You could include keywords specific to your market location on your website pages. Website keyword optimization can be complicated, but for this article, let it suffice to say that you need to include some combination of the following; names of places, movies, restaurants, parks, housing subdivisions...and especially the name of your city on your website pages. If you live in Miami, FL, and never mention Miami on your website pages, you're missing the boat.

3. You could design your marketing campaigns and promotions specific to your local market. For example, with the Google business profile described above, you can enter coupons and the like to drive traffic to you. There's probably no limit to the way you can use that FREE tool to customize your promotions.

4. You can advertise on your local newspaper's website and any free newspaper websites you can find. This will create backlinks to your website and help increase your online presence. The more visible you are on the internet, the more business you'll generate. Return to Top

Real Estate Postcard Ideas - Tip #4; Don't Let Cost Stop You; Take Advantage of FREE Postcard Templates. It's possible to make your real estate postcards and have a successful marketing campaign. The key lies in choosing a template that loads fast and is easy to edit...FREE is a bonus!

Conveniently enough, you don't have to look further than your computer to find one.

Click on the Microsoft Office Button on your computer. When the window opens up, click on "new document." Doing so will open up a new window. Type in the word "postcards" in the browser and hit enter, and walla!

You'll be presented with various postcard templates from which you can design and print free printable postcards. There were approximately 100 templates when I last looked, and they included the following templates: professional services, holiday postcard for business, new listing real estate postcards (different sizes), single-sided, double-sided, stylish realty, back to school, etc.

Whatever you need, you can probably find a good starter template. If you want something else, you can always modify it to fit your specific need. And once you have designed a postcard, you're ready to begin your marketing campaign.

Marketing with postcards can be fun and highly profitable, but to achieve the greatest results, you have to do "due diligence" by identifying a niche, targeted audience, which you have to pre-identify as needing your products and services. Anything less than this would be a waste of time and money.

Let me say it differently...your real estate postcards should be mailed to a narrowly defined market; perhaps a housing subdivision, area code, apartment/condo building, etc. But narrowly defined doesn't necessarily mean small, as some housing subdivisions, for example, have hundreds of homes. But once you've identified your audience, you're ready to kick your postcard marketing campaign into overdrive. Return to Top

Real Estate Postcard Ideas - Tip #5; Make Your Own Postcards. Want to make your own? If you do, you can make them on your computer with little fuss or trouble. Select the ones you're interested in - then modify them to your specifications. You can design and print them from your home computer, but if you need them in bulk, I recommend ordering them from an online company. My recommendation is VistaPrint. I've used them a couple of times and found their products and services to be outstanding. Return to Top

Real Estate Postcard Ideas - Tip #6; Mail Postcards in Bulk - Two Step Success System. Marketing your services via Bulk Postcard Marketing makes sense on many levels, but perhaps the two most notable ones are 1) it's relatively too cheap to do and 2) it can be very effective. So, if you want to separate yourself from the ordinary and step up to the next level of brand marketing, you should consider a direct mail marketing campaign using postcards.

I can't tell you how long bulk mail marketing has been practiced, but in my 30-plus years of marketing, I've discovered it to be one of the more commonly used practices.

Of course, you know that not all campaigns will be successful. However, you should also know that the more planning and target marketing that goes into your mailing campaign on the front end will significantly impact your results on the back end.

Postcard marketing can be effective in almost every industry; real estate, mortgage lending, home construction, home selling, sales, going out of business, or whatever your business and services might be.

For example, if you're in the real estate industry like I am, you can create multiple streams of leads via bulk postcard marketing campaigns. How?

1. By defining who your target market is. Is it renters, buyers, sellers, or investors? And when you look at your target market and drill down a little more, would those buyers be first-time, step-up, or step-down buyers? The same goes for the other categories. The more refined your niche market is, the more favorable your results will be.

2. And then, you can create a campaign to build a mailing list of prospects wanting to hear more about what you have to say and offer.

Forget trying to sell them on the first contact unless you have a unique product everybody needs right now. Instead, your most desired result should include having as many people opt into your mailing list, where through repeated contacts, you can convert them to customers who buy, sell, or exchange real estate transactions that will make you money in the future.

There are many other variables in creating successful bulk marketing campaigns, but if you start with this simple two-step process, you'll be on the right track to outstanding results. Return to Top

Real Estate Postcard Ideas - Tip #7; Beating Your Competition with Postcards. No matter how much money you want to make, you can do it easier marketing with postcards, but you need a formula for success, like the following:

1. Set Your Goals - Establish A Marketing Plan. Write down what you want to accomplish. Be clear, concise, and specific about it, but above all, be realistic in your expectations.

2. Next, determine what your message will be. Will you be farming FSBOs, expired listings, or both? Whatever your message, it should be simple and easy to read, like "Call Now For Additional Information" or "Email Now For a Free Report."

3. Design a Postcard That is Eye Catching - part of what you'll be doing is pre-selling your readers on you and your services...mostly through a few words and graphics. So, your postcards need to create a positive impression of you.

You want to use a manageable amount of graphics, fonts, colors, etc. Please keep it simple to maximize results.

4. Give a Free Gift To Entice To Give You Your Most Wanted Response. What do you want them to do; call you, visit your open house, visit your website, or is it something else? Well, whatever it is, offer your readers a gift when they do what you want them to do.

Here's the final tip - categorize your mailing list. Send out different sets of postcards to old customers and new prospects. By doing so, you will better target their needs with better-fitting messages. Return to Top

Marketing To Millenials

This post is relevant to agents and businesses that market to incredibly media-savvy college kids. Kids who happen to be receptive to well-executed brand engagements. Still, the brands need to be relevant and authentic and take the right risks to reap the reward with these influential consumers.

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