Build a Network for Your Postcard Marketing Campaign

Postcard marketing can really be a productive marketing strategy if you go about it the right way. However, for it to be effective you need to get off on a good foot. Specifically, you should begin all initiatives with a strategically considered and thought out mailing list.

More to the point, your recipients should be highly targeted prospects who have a high likelihood of needing your services. Conversely, it would be futile to send postcards to people who you think would not be interested, or who would have no need for what you offer.

When you get this down right you'll know it, as sending and mailing your postcards to the right people will mean great things for your business. Whether you use the postal service to snail mail your pieces, or an email marketing approach you should always make it a goal to send your postcards to a select, highly targeted audience.

I've used a couple of strategies to generate my lists. One way was to buy my names from a list broker. While it's a fast way to acquire a list my personal experience was that I had to buy thousands of names to achieve a relatively few sales. Even at that though I still roll the dice every now and by buying lists.

Howvere, the best and most effective way is to develop your own mailing list of targeted prospects. Yes, it's slower, but if you are consistent in your efforts you can build up a sizable mailing list pretty quickly.

I'm a little tired right now and will be signing off, but if i can remember to do it I'll revisit this post tomorrow and share with you the list building resources I've used to add more than 5,000 subscribers to my mailing lists. Right now my active lists are about half that, which is still pretty good given that the real estate market is still in a slump right now.

Here's To Your Real Estate Marketing Success!

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