Postcards For Real Estate Agents

by Lanard

Attention grabbing postcards are every real estate agents dream, although many fall short of using them...even when "dream postcards" fall into their laps.

Still, one of the best ways to establish a foothold in a niche market and to then go on to dominate it is by mailing real estate postcards, but you name a gameplan. Following are ideas about what some agents are doing.

Real Estate Marketing Site Allows Agents to Target Potential Home Sellers

Agents “can either upload their own photos, logos, etc., or agents can access their own listings' photos and data from our site,” says Scott Dixon, CEO of NewPoint Media Group, the parent company of The Real Estate Book. “It makes it really, really, easy for them to create things like property brochures, postcards, and flyers. If they are on our site, they do not have to upload the photos again or write new copy. Because they have opted in to advertising options with us, this ...

How to Shorten Your Real Estate Sales Cycle

They either do very little, or “not as much as I should,” or they do what most other agents do: send out postcards, newsletters, call people asking for business, hand out business cards, recipe cards, sports schedules to their ...

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