Mortgage Postcards

mortgage postcards

Mortgage Postcards.  Who do Mortgage Brokers and related industry professionals turn to when they need proven-to-be-effective, well-designed postcard ideas? 

Right now, the Top Three heavyweights, at least by recent Google rankings, include some companies with familiar names. Companies that have established a significant brand and presence in the marketplace. Companies that can help you do the same through your postcard marketing campaigns. 

A Quick Look At Three Mortgage Postcard Companies 

1. Postcard Mania

I’ve been marketing online since 2004 and am incredibly impressed at how Postcard Mania has steadily grown its brand. Today, it has a vast gallery of offerings which includes postcards for the following types of mortgage/financial products:

Commercial, VA, FHA, Sub Prime Loans; Loan Modifications: Refinance/Home Equity Loans; A Series for New Purchase/Renters; Adjustable Rate Mortgages; Holiday Themes, and more. 

Its services include Printing, Design, Mailing Lists, Website Design, and Emailing Marketing.  Its site has a library of Marketing Articles, White Papers and Reports, Marketing Videos, Case Studies, a Newsletter Archive, Interviews, and more. 

In short, in addition to buying great-looking postcards, you can get a quick education on how to get the best results through your postcard marketing campaigns.   

2. Direct Color

This is a wonderful website with a fantastic collection of colorful, well-designed Marketing Postcards for mortgage professionals. Sample topics include Reducing Adjustable Rate Mortgages, Buying a New Home, Refinancing to Stop Foreclosures, Stopping Foreclosures, Underwater Mortgages, Home Ownership, Refinancing, etc. You can also customize postcards if you want to. 

It has a vast collection of Real Estate Stock Photography, so you can add an image or clipart to their templates to create the exact look you want, or you can also use them to create your own design from scratch. 

A shortcoming is that the site says nothing about printing and mailing the postcards for you, but if that’s not an issue for you, you’ll probably love their offerings as I do.

3. PrinterBees

A unique distinction from the postcard-making companies above is that PrinterBees assigns a graphic designer to you so that you don’t have to experience the frustration that can set in when trying to use some of the templates offered online.

Although many are very user-friendly, some degree of frustration can still be associated with using them.  Another thing that catches the eye pretty quickly is the price of their postcards; they start @ .05 cents each. 

Sadly, its mortgage templates are limited to refinancing properties.  On the other hand, it offers the array of real estate-related marketing postcards that one might imagine.

Offerings include Farming Postcards, Expired Listing Postcards, Short Sale Postcards, Just Listed Postcards, Just Sold Postcards, Marketing Update Postcards, and the like.  So, visit and tag this site as a favorite, and I’m sure that at some point, you will want to try them.

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