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real estate newsletter articles

Informative Real Estate Newsletter Articles are the centerpiece of successful newsletters. When the information is useful, it can help grow your subscriber list with engaged readers who look forward to receiving future publications. On the other hand, when the information is wide of the mark, readers will disappear like snow in a desert.

So, your real estate newsletter articles, content, and topics must resonate with readers! With these articles, you can provide highly sought information that informs, engages, and converts leads to paying customers, which for agents are buyers and sellers.

Real Estate Newsletter Content Ideas

Copy, paste, share, and prosper. These prewritten real estate letter articles attract new clients (buyers and sellers), then inform, educate, and convert them to leads, listings, and sales.

Two big subjects of interest, particularly, are credit and mortgage information; both directly impact a person's ability to secure a mortgage loan through a direct purchase or refinance.

Here are four ways to use them. 

. Grow your social media accounts! These articles are enough content to make weekly posts to your website, blog, and social media sites for nearly a year. You'll get more views and leads.

Two. Build a Mailing List! Agents and Marketers with followers and subscribers make more money than those without. One thing that will sustainably impact your earnings is having a growing mailing list of subscribers and social network followers.

Three. Provide Home Buying and Finance Tips! People want to make informed choices about the largest purchase of their lifetime. Put together a list of tips on qualifying for mortgages or avoiding credit mistakes.

Four. Publish Your Content! You've created or purchased your content. Now it's time to publish it. Use a calendar to map out when understanding that the timing of your publication can help produce more substantial bumps in traffic for your website and social media traffic.

Real Estate Newsletter Article Topics

Below are 50 Mortgage Loan Articles Ready Made for Use as Real Estate Newsletter Articles. The topics include the following.

  1. Payday Loans REALLY Make You Pay in the End - Several places offer payday loans for those short on cash before their paycheck comes in. These are sometimes…
  2. APR, FICO, HELOC – The FAQs on these Little Initials and More - For credit cards, there are a couple of different types of APRs. The first is for purchases. These APRs should generally be lower than…
  3. Study your Options on Student Loans - Per The Educational Data Initiative, the average cost of in-state tuition is $9,377; out-of-state tuition averages $27,091. 
  4. Government-Grown Loans – The Lowdown on FHA and VA Loans 
  5. Are Balloon Payments Full of Hot Air?
  6. Mortgages Can Be Taxing – What You Should Know About Closing Costs and Fees
  7. Don't Come in Second when Shopping for Reasonable Second Mortgage Terms  
  8. Kids in College Can Be a PLUS – Parents, Know Your Education Funding Options
  9. This Option may not cost you an ARM – Consider your Options with Adjustable Rate Mortgages
  10. Score High and Keep Interest Low – The Ins and Outs of Credit Scoring  
  11. A Risky Proposition – How You Score Matters
  12. 5 Facts about Credit Scoring  
  13. Glutton for Punishment? Co-sign a Loan
  14. Negotiating Mortgage Points Before Signing Anything
  15. Crossing a Bridge Loan When You Come to It 
  16. Shop 'til the Rates Drop – Looking for a Great Mortgage Interest Rate 
  17. FYI on PMI – Important Information on Private Mortgage Insurance  
  18. Upside Down – Avoid Owing More on Your Car Loan Than What It's Worth
  19. The Pros and Cons of Debt Consolidation 
  20. The Payoff of Student Loan Consolidation  
  21. 4 Tips to Avoid the Pitfalls of Loaning to Your Best Friend 
  22. Shop for a Card with Low Rates Rather Than Apply for a Loan
  23. In a Fix: Unsurprising Mortgage Payments You Can Count On
  24. Go for Broker: A Mortgage Broker Can Pay Off for You
  25. How do you Rate it? 5 Items You'll Find on Your Credit Report
  26. FICO: Your Personal Financial Score Card - The 5 Percentage Breakdowns
  27. How To Lend a Helping Hand To Family, But Not Get Taken Advantage Of  
  28. Closing the Deal: Plowing through the Mortgage Paperwork - 8 Things the Mortgage Lenders Want to Know
  29. 6 Tips for the First-Time Home-Buyer: What to Know Before You Sign 
  30. On the Road Again: Advice About Loans for RVs and Other Recreational Vehicles 
  31. 6 Common Mortgage Scams  
  32. Owning vs. Renting – The Big Debate  
  33. Don't Lose Your Shirt or Your Home – Keep an Eye Out for Crooked Mortgage Companies  
  34. Lying About Loans – Legality of Using Loan Money for Something Other Than Its Stated Purpose  
  35. The Lowdown on Loan Options – 3 Options to Consider  
  36. The ABCs of Amortization  
  37. Take Note of The Fine Print on Your Mortgage Papers 
  38. House Rich and Cash Poor – Buying a Home That You Can Afford  
  39. The Mystery of Mortgages  
  40. 5 Scams – Countdown of The Most Extreme  
  41. Ramifications of Refinancing  
  42. Choosing the Right Loan for You - One Size Does Not Fit All   
  43. Pay It Off! The Advantages of Paying Your Mortgage Off Early    
  44. 6 Steps to Pre-Qualification  
  45. Asking the Right Questions Before Signing a Loan   
  46. It's Not Personal –What to Do When You Are Turned Down for a Loan
  47. Pre-Approved for a Loan? Don't Get Your Hopes Up  
  48. When Disaster Strikes – Find Out Your Options BEFORE Something Happens     
  49. Speak the Same Language – Learn the Lingo of Loans   
  50. More House Than You Need? Shop Around Before Signing

Final Words

The addition of high-value real estate newsletter content articles to your marketing plan can

  • significantly increase your span of influence 
  • build your prospect list and 
  • grow your customer base.

Our content is good and priced affordably - and we stand behind it with a satisfaction or money-back guarantee. Plus, they're delivered immediately delivery via an email download link. Whether you use them “as is” or tweak them (titles and content), they'll shine as real estate newsletter articles, blog posts, website content, and more.

Thanks for dropping in, and we hope you find the content we offer here on Real Estate Marketing Talk to be a difference maker in your marketing success.

real estate newsletter articles

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