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Real Estate Tips For Selling. Another home selling season has come and gone and your home still hasn't sold. The market has 

real estate tips for sellingAffordable Priced Real Estate Tips for Selling Make for Bigger Profits

taken a serious turn for the worst.  While interest rates are still relatively low, a rise in mortgage foreclosures is making it harder for interested buyers to qualify for new mortgage loans.

If it's any consolation you have plenty of company - lots of houses in your neighborhood didn't sell either, despite the deep discounts being offered. 

But all isn't lost.  Despite the doom and gloom of some recent real estate sales forecasts it is still possible to sell your home for a good price...and within a reasonable time. However, you must be willing to work at it - starting by taking a hard look at the things that you can do to get your home sold. 

7 Real Estate Tips For Selling a Home

Home Selling Tip #1.  Project Curb Appeal. Does your home have curb appeal? The lawn should have a well watered, fresh cut trimmed look at all times - even if you have to mow it every 4 days during the growing season.  Driveways and sidewalks should be pressure washed and grease free.  Privacy fences should be pressure washed and have a fresh look about them.  A fresh coat of paint to the exterior will go a long way, but if it really doesn't need to be painted at least paint the trim, which cam sometimes makes it look like the entire house was painted.  If you have a pool clean it and the pool deck so that it literally sparkles. 

Home Selling Tip #2. Keep The Inside Neat and Clean is another good selling tip. Is the inside of the house appealing?  Stage your home so that it has an open and spacious look  - even if that is not how it looks as you live in it everyday.  If you have to, rent a storage unit so that you can empty your home of the things that make it feel cramped.  Store oversized furniture and clothes and shoes that you never wear that are cramped into your closets - all of them. Clean, clear lines is what you should strive for - the less you have in your home the better off you'll be, as it'll be easier for buyers to see themselves in it.  I guess that's why mew homes show and sell so well.

Home Selling Tip #3. Clean and Empty The Garage. Yea yea yea, I know that the garage is th place where everything that doesn't go in the house goes in it, but that's exactly the point.  Rid the garage of all things but your vehicles.  It'll make entire house appear larger and more spacious.  Put the stuff that's in it in storage with the items mentioned in Real Estate Tips For Selling Tip #2, and as can also be found in other home selling resources.

Home Selling Tip #4Make Yourself Scarce During Showings. Do you make yourself scarce when the house is being shown?  If not you should.  Buyers might sometimes be reluctant to openly discuss things that they don't like about your home in your presence, but will openly discuss when you aren't within earshot. 

A wonderful ting happens when buyers discuss things they don't like about homes they see.  Guess what it is?  The agents have an opportunity to overcome their objections, which can lead to an offer being made on your home.

Home Selling Tip #5. Make It Smell Good. Always have pleasant smells going on when folk visit your home, like the smell of cookies and pies baking in the oven, or light scented incense.  But go easy and stick to one or two smells, not a different one for each room.  It'll make your home feel more home like and sets your visitors at ease.

Home Selling Tip #6.  Do You Have The Right Agent.   This is not to say that you have the wrong agent just because your home didn't sell.  Even the best agent can't sell every listing they have - in any market, but especially so when the market goes south on them, or if they have home owners nonchalant about doing everything they can do to assist in getting their homes sold.

Some important questions to ask yourself include -

  • did they inform you of the strategies mentioned above as being important in getting your home sold?  If they did they're okay.  If they didn't they could be patronizing you to the detriment of getting your home sold?
  • did they keep you informed of their marketing efforts and results of the same?
Home Selling Tip #7. 

Make Sure Your Agent Has a Good Marketing Plan. Unfortunately, all agents aren't created equal. So, you have to be keen about who it is you entrust the marketing and selling of your home to. Make sure that plan includes marketing it for sale to other real estate agents.  

For example, one particular strategy that worked well for me as an agent was marketing my listings to top selling agents in my area.  Whenever I got a new listing, they'd get a flyer about that listing.  Additionally, once a month I'd send a flyer with all of my listings on it to all agents in my multiple listing system.  

The question is what is your agent doing to find buyers for your home.  Some proven strategies include

  • advertising - craigslist, local classified ads, internet advertising
  • blogging
  • direct mail campaigns
  • networking
  • real estate marketing post cards
  • real estate flyers - send flyers to folk living in your and adjoining communities.  Also, handout at nearby shopping centers, grocery stores and whereever else people gather in large numbers.
  • 1- 800 call back systems
  • video tours, etc.  
  • open houses - this is such a basic marketing strategy I don't need to spend anytime embellishing it.

If you are not excelling at preparing your home for sale in these ways it's understandable why your home/ listing isn't selling.  Great looking, clean well staged homes show and sell before average looking ones.  Nowdays, it pays to for sellers to make adjustments within their control to sell homes in a competitive market.

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