Marketing Yourself In Real Estate

Marketing Yourself in Real Estate is essential if you want to excel in the real estate business. When it's all said and done it comes down to having the right tools, resources and drive to succeed, and discipline and fortitude to sustain it!

marketing yourself in real estate

Arguably, having access to good resources and equipping yourself with the right tools are the easiest parts of the equation to check off, because plenty of both can be found right here on Real Estate Marketing Talk, whether they're our products or someone else's.

As for "drive", you have to provide that all on your own. You either have it or you don't, as motivation and drive are entirely driven by a person's internal drive.  My take on it is if you want to do something bad enough you'll do it, no matter what others think about it.  In a word, and at the end of the day, you and only you will determine the level of success you achieve.

Marketing Yourself In Real Estate
The Seven Week Plan

Now that we've established that you have at least one good resource with available tools, let's move on to the the next thing - game planning. And by this I mean establishing a planned strategy to market yourself with clearly defined, written goals.

For example, have you thought about what you'll be doing during your first seven weeks in the business (pick a time frame if you're not new)?...

  • how many letters you will mail out - to whom and about what (hint: you don't need listings of your own to do this)
  • how many flyers you will mail - to whom and about what (hint: you don't need listings of your own to do this)
  • how many open houses you will hold
    (hint: you don't need listings of your own to do this)

I could go on, but suffice it to say a well thought out game plan, one that is periodically updated, can significantly impact not only how fast you start achieving results, but also whether you're able to sustain them.

Set Goals
Decide what it is you want to accomplish, then make a plan to make it happen. Do you want to list 1-2 properties a week, or sell 4 properties a month? Perhaps it's both. Be specific, then find a proven script to help you implement your plan.

A good marketing script can assist you in marketing yourself in real estate and is one of the best ways to get to where you want to go.

Stick To It
Be consistent! If your commitment is sporadic you'll get spotty and inconsistent results. Slow and steady wins a lot of races, and that's especially true in real estate.

Finally, Just Do It!
Now, don't get me wrong. Making it big in real estate takes a lot of hard work! Perhaps that's why there is such a high industry turnover rate; some have it as high as 80%.

However, the upside to getting good at marketing yourself is that while others drop out it creates more opportunities for you. Then, when you master some of the basics (listing properties, gathering leads, effective advertising, and such) you'll be able to totally outperform your peers.

More ideas to implement your plan...

Expied Listing Letters
FSBO Letters
Real Estate Flyers

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