Farm FSBOs

Farm FSBOs. I hated cold calling FSBOs, and the more experience I gained the more certain I became that I wasn't going to sell anybody anything over the telephone. So I changed my strategy.

I started farming fsbos with letters...and had the most success by writing down the address of every FSBO I saw, and mailing letters versus calling them from phone numbers placed in newspaper ads.

And while it was a simple process it worked very well, as I routinely converted FSBOs to listings. Here's how I did it...

  1. I'd drive through neighborhoods looking for FSBO signs, and when I spotted one I'd jot down the address of the property and phone number on the sign.
  2. When I got to to the office I'd research the property appraisers records to find out the owners names and mailing addresses of the FSBOs I'd noted.I call this reverse property look up.
  3. I'd also scan newspapers for FSBO ads and phone numbers and do the reverse property lookup on them, too.
  4. Finally, I'd Farm FSBOs by mailing FSBO letters to them.

I stopped calling FSBOs altogether and farmed them almost exclusively with my letters.  Why?  Because I figured that there were enough agents calling them to where it was a good bet that they'd be irritated by my calls, as they were probably inundated from real estate agents. After-all, they were trying to sell there property For Sale By Owner, not soliciting real estate agents interested in listing their properties.So, instead of calling I mailed letters.

Here Are The Letters I Used

Actually, it's a FSBO Letter System, complete with tips on how to leverage the most success Farming For Sale By Owners.

The main thing to take away from this article is that you'll get better results when you mail letters versus cold calling FSBO phone numbers in newspaper ads... and here's why! 

At some point in time FSBOs stop advertising and when they do the phone calls from byers and pesky agents drop of significantly.  Consequently, they may soften up a bit and be particularly responsive to someone who hasn't forgotten about them. Letters to them at this juncture in their failed home selling process could be the lifeline they need to continue moving forward with their desire to sell. 

So, be a hero to some failed FSBO Seller and it's as easy as printing a letter. putting postage on it and mailing it. 

That's it for now. Happy Prospecting!

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