Farm FSBOs and Convert Them To New Listings!

Farm FSBOs

Want to Farm FSBOs? Don't just chase them; dominate them! And for me it wasn't by cold calling them, which I never liked! Scratch that - I despised cold calling for sale-by-owners. And as my experience in the real estate game grew, that sentiment only intensified: selling FSBOs on the idea of listing their properties by cold calling them was like pushing a wagon load of bricks uphill. It was hard work!

A transition to domination though occurred when I made a shift, a strategic change. I bid farewell to the cold-calling approach and farmed them eclusively with letters . This new, more personal, and subtle strategy didn't just improve my results, it revolutionized them. It's time for you to experience this success too. 

Here's exactly what I did. I wrote down the addresses of every FSBO I encountered and contacted them via direct mail with these letters. The process was straightforward, yet it worked wonders and made a definitive difference in converting them to agent listings. It's a strategy that anyone can implement - and with ease!

Here's the play-by-play of my winning strategy

Step 1: Scouting for Opportunities   
With a sense of adventure, I combed through neighborhoods, my eyes eagerly searching for Vacant Properties and FSBO signs. The thrill was in finding those hidden gems- the vacant properties with poor upkeep and the FSBOs where the signs were almost camouflaged. When I spotted one, I swiftly reached for my pen and notepad, noting down the property's address and the phone number on the sign.

Step 2: Reverse Property Look-Up   
Back in the office, armed with a list of addresses and phone numbers, I delved into the online property appraiser records. It was like being a detective; my mission was to uncover the names and mailing addresses of the FSBO property owners through a reverse property look-up.

Step 3: Tapping into Print Media 
Expanding my net, I scoured newspapers for FSBO ads. When I found one, I extracted the addresses and phone numbers as best I could from the ads, and when that was insufficient, I cross-referenced the information I had with the property appraiser's information found online! Like before, I performed the reverse property lookup, adding these potential leads to my growing list.

Step 4: Mailing Letters To Farm FSBOs    
With a comprehensive list in hand, I embarked on the next phase—mailing letters! Bt This was more than just a letter mailing campaign; it was about crafting personalized FSBO letters crafted to elicit responses. It was a significant shift from cold calls, a decision made out of respect for the FSBOs. I believed that amidst the agent calls, they would appreciate a well-crafted letter, a testament to their journey as independent home sellers.

Breaking Up with Cold Calls

The decision to cease cold calling FSBO cold calls was strategic. I recognized the oversaturation of agents bombarding these homeowners with phone calls. After all, FSBOs were attempting to sell their properties independently, not seeking an influx of propositions from real estate agents. So, rather than being another voice in that chaos of verbal onslaught- I quietly mailed them letters.

Keys to Success! Farm FSBOs With A Good FSBO Letter System

The heart of my approach lies in a specialized FSBO Letter System, a collection of carefully crafted letters designed to resonate with these independent sellers. These letters aren't just words on paper; they're a strategic tool with tips on optimizing success farming FSBOs.

The Power of Letters versus Cold Calling

The key takeaway from my journey is this: mailing letters outperformed cold calling FSBO phone numbers in newspaper ads, and here's why I think that was the case.

As FSBOs cease advertising efforts, the influx of calls from potential buyers and persistent agents dwindles. FSBOs may become more receptive to alternative approaches at that crucial point in their home-selling journey, and this is where the power of mailing letters shines. Sending well-timed, thoughtful letters can serve as a lifeline, reigniting their desire to sell, but through an agent the next time!

Be a Hero with Just a Letter

Becoming a hero to a struggling FSBO seller is surprisingly simple—it's as easy as printing a letter, adding postage, and sending it. In a world dominated by phone calls and digital noise, physical letters can cut through the clutter, making and leaving lasting impressions.

Here Are The Letters I Used

In Conclusion

So, there you have it—my transformation from despising cold calls to thriving in the world of FSBO farming through well-crafted letters. This shift yielded better results and allowed me to connect with independent sellers more personally. As you embark on your own journey, remember this: effective prospecting begins with strategic communication, and the pen can sometimes be mightier than the call.

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