Choosing The Right Neighborhood

choosing the right neighborhood

Choosing the right neighborhood when buying a home can significantly influence your way of living and the long-term worth of your investment. In this article, we will discuss different aspects to keep in mind while assessing a neighborhood to confirm that it suits you and your family's requirements. Enjoy the read!

Here's The Article; Choosing The Right Neighborhood

You may be so enamored with a house you want to buy that you fail to observe what’s happening in the surrounding area. However, it’s important to take notice of the neighborhood you’re considering and determine if it’s a good fit for you and your family.

Purchasing a home is an investment – usually for the long term - so take time to measure the pulse of the community. Talk to neighbors if possible and note if the area is perhaps transitioning from being a bad neighborhood to an up-and-coming one – or if it has already transitioned. For instance, a neighborhood once known for high crime rates might now attract young families and new businesses, indicating a positive transition.

One way to determine if the price of the home you’re considering is fair for the neighborhood is to research home values in the area, foreclosures included. You can do this by looking at recent sales data, consulting with a local real estate agent, or using online tools that provide property value estimates. Homes in transitional neighborhoods may be a good investment, but it could take time for that to happen.

Consider the school system in the area! It's not just about the quality of education, but also about the potential impact on your home's value. You can get grades and ranks of schools in the area at online sites such as By choosing a home in the area of high-ranking schools, you're not just investing in your children's future but also in the value of your home.

Buying a home in the thick of restaurants, stores, and “action” may seem exciting, but are you sure you’re ready to cope with the noise and traffic associated with it? Even neighborhoods that aren’t in the downtown area may be noisy, so it’s a good idea to visit the area at various times of the day.

Pay attention to traffic patterns during rush hour and on weekends, the noise from planes flying overhead from a nearby airport, a church that takes all the parking spaces on Sunday morning, and whether the neighborhood appears more dangerous at night.

Notice the condition of the roads around the neighborhood. Are they clean and smooth, or are there potholes and trash on the curbs? Also, note the condition of sidewalks, which can indicate how pedestrian-friendly the area is, the availability and reliability of public transportation, which can affect your daily commute, and the proximity of nearby fire and police stations, which can impact the neighborhood's safety.

Suppose you’re not comfortable with the neighborhood's appearance. In that case, the future value and appreciation of your home may be affected, and your enjoyment of your time there may be compromised. A well-maintained neighborhood with attractive homes and amenities is more likely to attract buyers and maintain property values over time.

Finally, consider the practical aspects of a new home's location. Proximity to work, stores, and schools can significantly impact your daily life. Your commute may be longer than you want it to be, and the convenience of nearby amenities can make a big difference. By considering these factors, you're being considerate of your time and energy.

Proximity to work can become critical when you have to spend an hour or more commuting and don’t get to enjoy the house as much as you would if you lived closer. Mass transportation might be the answer and can also positively affect your home’s value.

A neighborhood with walkways, neighborhood watches, and no vandalism indicates you’ve chosen a safe neighborhood. Your realtor can help you in this quest, and you can also search for crimes in this neighborhood on the local website for the police or

Wrapping things up

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