Expired Listing Prospect  
- The Cat's Meow

expired listing prospect

Is an Old Expired Listing Prospect Better Than Yesterday’s?  While there's no definitive answer there are severable notable reasons to pursue them. Here are the top three that I've found to be the case.

One.  There is a near unending supply of old expired listings... and, arguably, the farther you go back the more likely owners are to offer favorable terms when relisting them.

For example, owners are willing to soften their stance regarding inflated prices and unreasonable expectations to make their properties competitive... but when they insist on something outlandish you can politely decline the listings with the assurance of knowing that other opportunities are just a few expired listing letters away.

Two. The longer the listings have been expired the larger the pool of potential buyers will be.  Here's what I mean! Often times when houses are listed for the first time they’re priced to attract owner occupants and owner occupants alone - buyers who aim to homestead the property. 

After a home expires one or two times, some sellers reach a point of needing to sell versus wanting to sell, and will set a price that appeals to owner occupants and investors!.

Three. Finally, and this is the “cat’s meow” of reasons to source really old expireds - the further you go back in time the greater your chances of finding "diamond in the rough" type properties that are ideal for flipping for personal profit and/or gain or adding to your portfolio of real estate holdings. 

Expired Listing Prospects Are Awesome Leads

Expired Listing Prospects are hands down some of the best leads that new and veteran agents can source.  You can work 4-5 of them in the time that you'll spend with just one of any other kind of lead, which can result in you working less hard for increased productivity and better outcomes.

Plus, because Expired Listing Prospects tried selling their properties, but failed, they’re more likely to embrace your thoughts and recommendations for how to successfully prepare their homes for sale in competitive markets.    

Here's the great thing about prospecting with letters... if an owner doesn’t like what you’re offering they'll just not call you.  Of course you always have the option to call them after mailing them letters, and in some instances the letters will have served to warm them up for your calls. 

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Summarily, listings expire every day, plus there is a near endless number of old ones that didn’t get relisted… and that, my friend, is your rich vein of prospects ready to be mined for increased real estate marketing success - listings and sales!

So, for the million dollar question "Are you going to maintain your status quo by passively sitting on the sideline and watching other agents get listings that you can have, or invest in your future today, right now even, and kick your real estate marketing efforts into a higher gear using our letters written by a real estate agent for real estate agents?

Whatever you decide know that I wish you success!

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