Real Estate Buyer Lead Generation 

Real Estate Buyer Lead Generation - Farming Buyers Without Listings! 

Real Estate Marketing Tip #8Farming Buyer Leads Without Listings

Some strategies, like this one, are so simple you almost can’t help but be skeptical about them. Still, I can personally vouch for how this one is both viable and wildly profitable! 

In fact, after trying it once it became a "go to" strategy when I needed quality real estate buyer leads. 

Real Estate Marketing Tip #8 -
Easy To Implement Real Estate Buyer Lead Generation Strategy

Like many new agents, I stressed over how I was going to generate enough leads and sales to get me through my first year in the business.  I’d heard the statistics and knew that up to 86% of new real estate agents wash out in their first year!

I didn’t want to be one of them and was thrilled to discover this idea, which was a perfect match or my personality and preferred style of marketing.

Farming Buyers Without Listings Real Estate Buyer Lead Generation Is an Awesome Strategy! 

Here's how it goes...

Make a flyer that says something like...

Tired of Throwing Your Money Away on Rent?
Let Me Show You
How Easy It Is to Become a Homeowner!

Pay the Same or Less in Mortgage Payments
For More Information
Call 333-333-3333; or 
 Text 444-444-4444; or
email: “I’m Tired of Renting” 

Variation on The Theme 

If you don’t have any listings yet choose one from the MLS to promote.  Select one that you feel good about showing – it has a good price, has good curb appeal and shows well on the inside. Of course, if you already have a listing of your own use it.

Make a flyer that says something like...

Tired of Renting? 
Buy This 3 Bedrooms / 2 Bath Home - Great Location!

Pay the Same or Less as Rent  
 For More Information Call 444-444-4444 or
Text 555-555-5555  
or email: “I’m Tired of Renting” to:

Make and Circulate Flyers For Impressive Real Estate Lead Generation Results!

 After you’re satisfied with how your flyer read, make and print 200 sheets (8.5x11) with 2 ads per sheet. Next cut them in half so that you have 400 flyers to circulate! 

Feel free to scale the number of flyers up or down, but because it’s relatively inexpensive to execute this idea I recommend scaling up versus down, as the more flyers you circulate the more real estate buyer leads you’ll generate!

Circulate, distribute and post them in places where large numbers of people gather or pass through; parking lots of malls, 

Real Estate Buyer Lead Generation

shopping centers, grocery stores, etc. Once we get through the COVID 19 pandemic you can include sports events, concerts, churches, parades, and the like. 

Post your flyers on Facebook and invite your friends to share and post it on theirs. Create an event on Facebook and invite your friends.  The last time I executed this idea I was limited to inviting 500 friends, but if you ask your friends to share it with their friends your flyers could easily end up in the hands of thousands of people per every distribution. 

Finally, place ads to drive a response to your flyers; Facebook and Craigslist would be the two places I start… and if done right you might be able to get your ad posted in Craigslist for free.

Build a Mailing List 

All Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies should include a call to action that will generate a call, text or email inquiry".  This idea includes all three ways and is designed in a way to attract buyers to you for inclusion in your lead generation pipeline for future marketing communications.

Obviously, not everybody who responds will be qualified, able or interested enough to buy a home when they respond.  However, you’ll obtain all you need to continue sending marketing messages to them that inform, educate and develop appreciation of and trust in you!  

Start Today!

If you already have a computer, printer and paper you can print and distribute several hundred flyers for circulation this weekend and it won't cost you a dime! They don’t have to be glitzy, or expensively done to get started. More important than what they look like is that you get started – period!

What To Expect!

Results will vary, but can anticipate could be in the range of 2 – 4 leads per 100 flyers you circulate! I'm always happy with that kind of return rate!  How about you?

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