Real Estate Marketing Tips for New Listing Agents: Real Estate Marketing Tip #15

by Nikki
(Johns Creek, Georgia)

Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal

It's important for agents to make sure their listings have "curb appeal" and are ready to show potential buyers. Sometimes you need to "push" the sellers a little to help make this happen. Here are a few tips that might help you sell the house more quickly.

1. Make sure the lawn is manicured. If the house is empty, you might have to hire someone to cut the grass a few times.

2. If the house is still occupied, make sure each room has as much clutter removed as possible. Rooms will look bigger and the potential buyers will be able to imagine their own things in the rooms.

3. When holding an open house, make sure you bake some cookies and/or light some scented candles that smell like something is baking in the kitchen.

4. Odors from pets or cigarette smoke can be a challenge to remove. So you can place some of the “plug-in” fresheners around the house, but don’t go too overboard or pick strong scents. Some of the fresheners just have the odor neutralizers which work well for getting rid of the undesirable odors.

5. And finally, don’t be afraid to add a little color to the house, inside and out if it needs a little “pop”. Fresh flowers around the mailbox or a plant or flower arrangement in the kitchen or den might be a nice touch.

Good Luck!

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Tips For New Real Estate Agents
by: Lanard

Nikki - I think your tips work equally well for both new and veteran agents. Sometimes simple and easy things can be the most effective, but often go overlooked because agents think that ideas have to be complicated to be effective.

Keep Lawn Mowed. For example, mowing a yard regularly to have it look like the best kept yard on the street is super easy to do and has a huge impact on the visual appeal of the home.

Declutter Rooms.The less stuff in a room the better. The last time I sold a house I rented a storage space for about $60.00 a month. Basically, I cleared the rooms and closets of items that tended to make rooms look small and closets stuffed.

Baked Goodies. I have the pleasant memory of walking into same home mentioned above as a buyer at the time, experiencing the airy, openness of it and smelling cookies. I knew right then and there that I was going to buy it...and I did.

Flowers and other Pretty Things.Interestingly enough I did all of the things you mentioned... placed fresh flowers around the mailbox, blooming plants in the flower beds, etc.

To make a long story short I decided to raise the price by approximately $30,0000 after making those simple changes and got it!

Thanks for Sharing.

Here's To Your Real Estate Marketing Success!

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