Cashing In On Private Sales - Real Estate Marketing Tip #12

by Robert
(Christchurch New Zealand)

Private sales are usually there because they don't want to pay high commission rates. Usually they think us agents don't deserve our fees, so I send them a letter explaining what I will do for them and what is actually involved in a sale.

It doesn't take them long to see my worth and that they can enjoy sitting back while I sell their property.

Write down everything what you actually do from listing to the completion of the sale and after sale stuff.

We actually do heaps! It works for me. I get approximately 4 extra listings a month.

Good luck!

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Real Estate Marketing in The US and New Zealand Don't Seem So Different
by: Lanard

I don't know a thing about New Zealand Real Estate, but it seems that its market is still responsive to some tried and true real estate marketing strategies, specifically...

1) Direct mail campaigns where agents send introductory real estate letters outlining the services that they provide

2) Follow up appointments where agents meet with homeowners to present detailed marketing plans about what they will do to market a specific owners property

It appears that a common denominator shared by US & New Zealand is that some sellers don't have a clue about all that real estate agents do. Your tip is a good reminder to not overlook some basic marketing strategies that all agents can benefit by.

Thanx for sharing.

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