Real Estate Marketing Tip 1; Automate Emailing Chores with a Sequential Autoresponder

Real Estate Marketing Tip 1; Automate Emailing Chores with a Sequential ResponderReal Estate Marketing Tip 1; Automate Emailing Chores with a Sequential Responder

Autoresponders and Email Marketing

Email Marketing and Autoresponders

As recently as five years ago, many real estate agents I spoke with wanted to be more informed about sequential autoresponders. They had a vague sense of them as "the thing" that drives email marketing, but they didn't fully understand how to use them properly.

Fast forward to today, and my observations are relatively unchanged. Although more agents may be engaging in email marketing, they have more to learn to unleash the full potential of autoresponders.   

Sequential Responders and Email Marketing

Sequential Responders and Email Marketing

Succinctly put, a sequential autoresponder is an email script that automatically responds with a series of messages when prompted. It happens when people sign up for requested information or you've programmed it to send messages to those who previously subscribed to your mailing list. With one, you can

  • Trigger welcome email messages that start conversations with your prospects. Nurture their interests while simultaneously building trustful relationships with them.
  • Thank subscribers for signing up for your offers. Everybody likes feeling welcomed and appreciated. And with autoresponders, you can give them plenty of it. 
  • Send personalized and relevant emails. Using someone's name and remembering it can build strong connections between people. It might sound egocentric, but it's true nonetheless. Everybody loves hearing and reading their name. 
  • Turn your emails into money-makers by triggering automated email campaigns to website visitors who left without converting. You can also send messages to visitors who abandon carts, encouraging them to complete their purchases. 

These ideas are just an inkling of the vast number of ways sequential autoresponders can help you capture, nurture, and convert leads to customers.  

Go Hard! Capture Email Addresses Like Your Business Depends On Them. Because It Does!

Gather email addressesReal Estate Marketing Tip 1 Automate Emailing Chores With a Sequential Autoresponder

The number one rule in effective real estate email marketing is always to capture every possible prospect's email address. Here's how to build an extensive prospect list to generate more leads, listings, and sales.

First, you must sign up for a paid membership at a respected autoresponder service. Once you have one, adherence to the following ideas will regenerate a constant stream of commission-generating real estate leads.   

Four Tips For Autoresponder Marketing Success 

Autoresponder Marketing SuccessReal Estate Marketing Tip 1 Automate Emailing Chores With a Sequential Autoresponder

Tip #1 - Place a sign-up box on every website and blog you own to capture email addresses from your online visitors. Offer them a FREE report or eBook for signing up for your new newsletter.  

You will use this newsletter to "publish" information about your services to your subscribers, including news about new listings, reduced listings, just-sold properties, etc. Be sure to publish information that will keep your subscribers looking forward to your subsequent publications.

By capturing email addresses and disseminating a newsletter to your customers frequently (once every 2 to 3 weeks is good), you will increase your sales and profits.

Tip #2 - Give prospective customers a FREE offer that complements the product or services you promote in the lead capture form. Again, it could be a FREE eBook or Real Estate Marketing Report about buying and selling real estate.

Tip #3 - Give your customers a "preview" of your next email offer in every email newsletter you publish. Also, include a line or two about any FREE bonus offers accompanying your upcoming emails to excite them and set up your next product mailing.

Tip #4 - When advertising your services in print ads, always allow the readers to get on your mailing list. Promoting your services for the single expressed purpose of capturing email addresses is clever marketing.  

Fee Versus Paid Service 

autoresponder free trial offersReal Estate Marketing Tip 1 Automate Emailing Chores With a Sequentia Autoresponder

Are You Undecided About Subscribing to A Paid Autoresponder Service? If so, it's perfectly understandable! But you can still get started today with a FREE Trial Subscription with any number of Autoresponder Services. Some offer 30 days long enough to discover how impactful autoresponders can be on your marketing initiatives. 

The Autoresponder Service I've been using since 2005 is GetResponse. I started with a Free Trial Offer and later upgraded to a paid monthly service. And my cost now is less than $20.00 per month.  And the tools and resources they offer are outstanding. You can 

  • Design with drag-and-drop ease 
  • Set up automated deliveries based on subscription time, with delays, or at exact hours
  • Analyze autoresponder campaign performances and tweak for improvements
  • Create professional emails with a drag-and-drop creator — even if graphic design isn't your thing

Summarily, GetResponse offers a treasure trove of business-building tools. Plus, they have pretty good customer service, too! You can learn about their Free Trial Offer here!    


Now that you know more about Real Estate Email Marketing and Autoresponders, today is a great day to take your campaign to the next level.  

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