Real Estate Marketing Tip #9; Borrow A Real Estate Listing

by Lanard Perry

From Listing Poor To Listing Rich With One Idea

From Listing Poor To Listing Rich With One Idea

If you don’t have any listings it doesn’t have to stop you from reaping some of the benefits they offer, which includes them generating leads and helping you make sales. Here’s how you can do it.

Partner with another agent in your office by offering to help them market one of their listings for a percentage of the fee if you’re the reason it sells (you sold it through another agent, a buyer saw your advertising and bought it through you’re the agent you’re partnering with, a buyer saw your advertising and bought it through another agent in your office, etc.).

Of course, if you sell it directly to a buyer it goes without saying that you’ll be entitled to receive the full percentage of the selling agent’s commission split that’s customary in your area, which is typically 50% in most areas that I’m familiar with.

After you have a written agreement in place, and it should be in writing to avoid misunderstandings, start marketing the property like your life depends on it. Make and distribute flyers, host open house events of the property, make and post videos, do a direct mail campaign, create a Facebook Page, and find some free to low cost places to advertise it.

Another idea is to advertise it on this website. For best results think of it as a single page website where you give a full blown description of the property.

Begin by telling the story of the home to elicit an emotional buy-in reaction from potential buyers and engage their interest. People love knowing about the history of the homes they buy and live in, so why not give them a full dose of it.

Tell about what do the owners do, why they bought the home when they did, how long they lived in it, what they like best about it. Share their reasons for selling it and what they'll miss most about it,

Include a description of how close the home is to major shopping, grocery stores, the airport, etc. Is the home zoned for good schools, or do the owners children go to private, or charter school.

Summarily, many new agents are lock brained into thinking that the only way they can make money on a listing is if it is theirs, but now you know differently and that with this idea it’s not required. In fact, once you’ve done your first one I’m pretty sure you’ll be ready to repeat it all over again as fast as you can.

So, how easy is this? Very

When can you start? Today

Like this idea? Think you can use it to make money? Write back and let me know what you think

Here's To Your Real Estate Marketing Success!


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Great Advice for New Real Estate Agents

New Real Estate Agents spend a lot of time looking for free rel estate marketing information. I know because I've done it myself. But that's okay, because we all have to start somewhere.

Real Estate Marketing Talk is a great online resource with great advice about web site design, real estate marketing letters, and other real estate marketing tips, techniques and strategies.

Take this post for example. A new agents biggest frustration is in trying to get a listing to sell and here it is you've shown how simple it can be. And once you have a listing to market you can then generate potential buyers and other listings.

Who says you can't find great free real estate marketing advice? And amazingly enough a lot of what's found on Real Estate Marketing Talk is for buyers, sellers, agents, investors and others involved in real estate.

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