Three Real Estate Marketing Strategies Examples; Simple, Affordable, Powerful!

real estate marketing strategies examples
Real Estate Marketing Strategies Examples
Hand Out Business Cards Daily
Build a Mailing List
Grow Your Business via Content Marketing
Three Strategies That Yield BIG Results

Three Real Estate Marketing Strategies Examples

An unarguable truth about real estate is if no one knows you're in the business, you won't get any! And yet, many agents ignore rudimentary lead-generating strategies that are reliably effective for trendier techniques, thereby resulting in losses of untold numbers of viable prospects. Does this sound like anybody you know?

Now, you can leverage those missed opportunities into hundreds and even thousands of more contacts annually with a three-step marketing plan. And with it comes the excitement of new and increased opportunities for more leads, listings, and sales. Below are three marketing strategies for growing your clientele.

1. Hand Out Business Cards Daily

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I'll bet you dimes to dollars that you have a ner full box of business cards you hardly ever pay attention to. However, the point of business cards is to give away as many as possible, as often as possible. With their cost being as inexpensive as they are, they represent one of the most cost-effective advertising strategies you can implement immediately!

The idea here is to increase your presence in your market as few other ideas can do: giving away a box of 500 business cards every three months or so. While this might sound like a lot, it averages out to less than 6 per day. Even the busiest of agents can manage that!

You can give that few away at once or conveniently leave them wherever you go – the library, grocery stores, your doctor's waiting room, and with people you meet. You can also post them on bulletin boards. You can read more ideas for distributing business cards here.

"Remember! Effective real estate marketing is a numbers game.
The more people you let know that you're in the business,
and the more frequently you remind them of it, 
the more business you'll generate." 

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2. Build Mailing Lists

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If you have thoughts of a long-term real estate marketing career, you should start building a mailing list. A list today means you'll have someone to make sales to in the future. And while it is not an immediate gratification strategy, it is vital to your mid and long-term success.

Email list building collects email addresses and contact information from website visitors, buyers, sellers, investors, and others interested in your services. It's done in many imaginative ways, including

• via pop-up offers on your website homepage
• via opt-in forms in your website navigation or footer
• via newsletter signups
• via clickable links on electronic flyers, postcards, and letters
• requests for special buyer and seller reports
• via blog posts and more

Currently, I have a mailing list of 2300 active subscribers, agents like you, who requested to receive my real estate marketing newsletter. While it's down from its peak of nearly 4000 or so, it remains a point of pride that I was able to build one this size. Specifically, they requested to join my list in exchange for the information I provided.

Best Tips for Building Your Email List include having a strong call to Action (CTA) and personalizing what you can, as there's no more potent way to establish rapport with someone than to use their names when addressing them. You can find more valuable list-building tips on the following pages: 

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3. Grow Your Business via Content Marketing

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It's a worn-out phrase, but if it has yet to sink in, selling real estate is about relationships with people who value you enough to do business with you. People search for information first and look to buy second. And there is nothing better for establishing rapport and building relationships with prospects than by providing helpful information - regularly.

And when someone is ready to buy a half-million dollar home, whom do you think they'll buy from - a stranger they just met, or you, the agent who provided them with helpful information on a regular basis, educating them about the home buying and selling process? My bet is on the agent who provided them with the information, the one they came to know and trust. This can be you.

That's the value of prewritten real estate content. You can use it in many ways, including blogging with it and making daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly posts. While daily posts drive the best results, there are benefits associated with weekly ones.

You can also use them for making and sending newsletters. In minutes versus hours, you can transform three to five articles into informative newsletters that subscribers eagerly await between publications. A basic but successful approach is to copy and paste the opening paragraphs of each article, insert them into your newsletter template, and make hyperlinks to the full articles on your blog or website. Here's how one of mine looked. 

Take a Quick Look at Content Specifically Created for
Real Estate Agents By a Former Agent

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sample newsletter imageSample Real estate Newsletter

Here's more about starting a newsletter  


If you're looking for lead-generating strategies that won't break the bank, you'll be happy with these ideas. In addition to being relatively inexpensive to implement, they'll be fun and generate leads for years. And while Agents and Marketers need to remain open and creative when sourcing leads, the lead-generation ideas discussed in this article will help you reach and resonate with audiences you may otherwise have ignored. They'll also help you create a buzz about you and the real estate services you provide.   Return to Top

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