Illuminated Car Top Signs - Another Real Estate Marketing Tip

by Lanard

Yes, I Can See The Light

Yes, I Can See The Light

In a previous post I discussed the benefits of using magnetized car signs to advertise your real estate business. Although I didn't say it specifically, I was referencing signs that attach to the sides of vehicles.

In this post I'm going to talk about using Illuminated Car Top Signs to grow your business, signs that go on the top of vehicles; ones like you see on taxi cabs and pizza delivery vehicles.

As an FYI they're also referred to as Campaign Car Signs, Sign Car Advertising, Car Toppers, Car Top Signs, Car Signs, etc.

I’m sure you’ve seen them and subconsciously found yourself reading them before you knew it, whether you were interested in the company or product being advertised, or not.

Personally, I’m a bumper sticker, car sign reading addict! Don’t laugh at me, but I enjoy reading car signs and marvel at how creative people are at making big impressions using precious few words in a seconds time. Brevity is mandatory, because they can pass by, zoom ahead of you or turn off quickly!

So, why would you want to market yourself via Car Top Signs? Below are my Top Four. Let me know if you have any to add!

1. They’re Easy to Spot. They’ll help customers identify your car by the company advertised on the sign.

2. They’re an Efficient Way to Advertise. Buy a sign once and advertise with it forever after.

3. They can help you stand out from your competitors. How many real estate agents do you know who advertise using them? Exactly!

4. They Generate Leads. People will call you just because of your sign if it’s memorable and catchy enough. A good slogan can can go along way in establishing your brand.

Interestingly enough I've never seen an agent with a car top sign...ever - and I've been around long enough to have more than a few gray hairs. So, I'll wager that the advantage goes to agents who use them...and in a big way!

Car top signs are basically transportable advertisement. You can think of them as mobile billboard signs. With more attention and impressions, you have a higher likelihood of converting potential customers into actual buyers.

So, if you’re ready to do something interestingly different you might want to consider getting a Car Top Sign. It’s all but guaranteed to attract attention an increase in activity.

Visit for more information on their Top 10 Benefits of Car Top Signs and how they can help you establish a unique presence in your market!

Did you enjoy the article? Let me know what you think! Thanks... and here's to your real estate marketing success!

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by: John

It is deligthful to read this post and i get many useful point through this post. Please keep posting such kind of post brook hill.

by: James Boyer

OK, I am all for innovative marketing but this one is just not good. I would not do this.

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