Illuminated Car Top Signs - Another Real Estate Marketing Tip

Illuminated Car Top Signs

Illuminated Car Top Signs. Imagine having a moving advertisement that works tirelessly for you day and night, capturing leads and driving prospects straight to your contact capture systems. With a catchy slogan and a memorable design, this simple yet effective marketing tool can be the key to establishing your brand and skyrocketing your success.

Interestingly enough, I've never seen an agent with a car top sign in my city...ever - and I've been around long enough to have more than a few gray hairs. Sure, I've seen plenty on the sides of cars, but rarely on top. I was in slow-moving traffic in Atlanta once and saw a few on top of vehicles. And guess what? Everybody else, hundreds if not thousands of people, saw them, too! 

Four Reasons To Use Illuminated Car Top Signs

  1. They’re Easy to Spot: Car top signs are designed to be highly visible and attention-grabbing. By prominently displaying the company logo or brand on top of the vehicle, they provide instant recognition for potential customers. When driving around town, parked in a neighborhood, or even stuck in traffic, these signs act as mobile billboards, creating brand exposure in areas where your target audience is present. Their eye-catching nature ensures that your message reaches a wide audience, enhancing your chances of being noticed and remembered.

  2. They’re an Efficient Way to Advertise: Investing in a car top sign is a one-time expense with long-term benefits. Once installed on the vehicle, the sign can serve as a continuous advertisement, potentially reaching thousands of people every day. Unlike traditional advertising methods that require recurring costs and limited time slots, car top signs work round the clock, making them a cost-effective and efficient marketing tool. This perpetual exposure can lead to increased brand familiarity and brand recall among potential customers.

  3. They can help you stand out from your competitors: In a competitive market like real estate, finding ways to stand out from other agents is crucial. Car top signs offer a unique and innovative approach to marketing that many agents may not utilize. By being one of the few agents in your city or area to employ this strategy, you can differentiate yourself from the competition and create a lasting impression on potential clients. When you are the only real estate agent they have seen with a car top sign, it gives you a distinct advantage and sets you apart as a proactive and forward-thinking professional.

  4. They Generate Leads: An attention-grabbing and memorable car top sign, along with a compelling slogan, can pique the curiosity of passersby. As people notice the sign and associate it with your services, they may be more likely to contact you when they need real estate assistance. The sign acts as a lead generation tool, prompting interested individuals to call or visit your website to learn more. The continuous exposure and easy-to-remember contact information can lead to a steady stream of leads, giving you more opportunities to convert potential clients into satisfied customers.

Overall, car top signs provide a dynamic and effective way to increase brand visibility, generate leads, and establish your presence in the market. By utilizing this unique marketing tool, you can drive prospects to your contact capture systems and create lasting connections with potential customers, ultimately leading to increased business and success in your real estate endeavors.

2.2.23 Update! Next Level Car Top Lighted Signs 

next level custom signs

Need a Car Top Sign? If so, consider, a company that offers a great selection of car top signs, rooftop signs, lighted car toppers, magnetic car signs, vehicle lettering, vehicle graphics, and more. Prices are reasonable and in line with what the industry suggests, and they will ship your order to wherever you live. You can select from sample signs they've worked up or customize your own. You can visit them here if you want to read more about them.


As transportable advertisements, car top signs are a great way to drive prospects to your contact capture systems (website forms, sms service, etc. And once you have that, you are in a position to have repeat and future contacts to convert them from causal, interested prospects to customers that buy and sell. 

If you're ready to stand out from the crowd and boost your business, consider the undeniable advantages of investing in a car top sign. Prepare to witness an influx of inquiries and a surge in your real estate activity like never before. Here's to your Real Estate Maketing Sucess!

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by: John

It is deligthful to read this post and i get many useful point through this post. Please keep posting such kind of post brook hill.

by: James Boyer

OK, I am all for innovative marketing but this one is just not good. I would not do this.

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