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Many Happy Returns - Real Estate Marketing Tip #11

by Mije Costa
(Long Island, NY)

After you sell a buyer a home, offer to do a house-warming party for their friends! The new buyers are happy to show their friends their new home...and you are the wonderful agent that helped them! You can also do this for the buyer of one of your listings! You will always have buyers, and maybe a listing will come out of this, too!

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Hold Open Houses For Buyers and Sellers
by: Lanard

Offering to host/sponsor house warming parties for buyers that you sell homes to is a stroke of genius. Although it's a simple idea, the potential upside is anything but simple - it's huge!

This marketing strategy should be a no brainer for everybody who reads it.

Can you imagine a better place to be than in a house full of people coming to celebrate the home ownership of their new neighbor, friend or relative; only to find out that you (the agent) is sponsoring it.

This is outstanding idea. Can we get you to share another one?

Thanks for submitting it.

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