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Have an Open Mind - Real Estate Marketing Tip #16

by Bonnie

Last year I decided that I was financially stable and ready enough to move out of my small apartment into a house.

I first started looking on my own in neighborhoods that I thought I would like to live in but I ended up more confused and overwhelmed than I was when I had begun. I sought the help of a Realtor and told her what I was looking for.

After months of looking at houses that fit the description I had given the Realtor, I still had not found my dream house. As I was about to give up, my Realtor suggested that I look at some homes that did not perfectly fit my description.

I was much more pleased with these homes and eventually did find my dream home in which I am currently living. My best piece of advice would be to widen your parameters when looking for a home because you may be surprised by what pleases you.

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