Farming Expired Listing System

by Kevin Kellogg

Lanard...Kevin here. Just wanted to say Hi and see how things are going. Well, as you know I have been working on sxpired listings since we spoke. I faithfully send out ten letters daily and take the weekend off.

Well, 08-15-11 was my first mailing and I know it takes about 30 day per your notes and just wanted to let you know we are doing it and looking forward to our first listing.

My goal with your program is one listing a month and 1 -2 closing per month. Fill that pipeline up.

Best Regards,
Kevin L. Kellogg

Logistics / Purchasing Manager
Merit Electronics Corporation
ISO 2001:2008 Certified Company
Office: 239-790-1265
Fax: 239-790-1270
Mobile: 239-677-9450

Comments From Lanard. Kevin. Thanks for the update and status of things with with the Expired Listing System. Sounds like you're on task. Consequently, I'm optimistic of a positive outcome for you.

Also, I want to encourage you to use the Bonus Letters, too! When mailed in combination with the Expired Listing Letters they can provide some serious synergy generating leads.

They're ideal for farming areas, niche markets, buyers and investors; and include a FSBO Letter, a letter for commercial properties, absentee property owners, and more.

Here's a link for readers of this review to learn more about it!

In closing, give me a call or shoot me an email message when you get your first listing using the system and we'll figure out a way to celebrate the occasion. Thanx, Lanard

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