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Here's The Absentee Property Owner System I Used
by: Lanard

Joel; yes, I had a system for marketing absentee property owners. It involved the use of a real estate letter, which is a part of my Farming Expired Listings System. Here's what you need to do to duplicate it.

1. Keep a notepad with you whenever you get into your car; whether you're driving to work, school, church, shopping, or to play. Or, you can use a tape recorder if you'd like to.

2. Stop and write down the property address of all properties that appear to be vacant, but if you use a recorder you can record the information.

3. Make it a point to take different routes to the places you normally frequent. That way you could potentially be discovering new vacant properties everyday. You'll also discover FSBOs that other agents may never know about and whn you do you can send them your FSBO letter.

4. When you get to your office, or wherever your computer is, look up the owners names and mailing addresses in the property appraisers office. In some cities and counties this information is in the tax collector records.

If you aren't able to access the information via the internet, you can always physically go to the respective and appropriate office.

5. Once you have the owners names and mailing addresses you're ready to mail them letters.

6. After you mail the letters repeat the same steps again and again. After a while your phone will start ringing.

If you
need some letters you can see the ones I used here.

That's it...simple but effective! If you decide to do it to let me know how it works out for you.


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