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 Real Estate Marketing Tips - Finding and implementing new and different ways of doing things is integral to your success.

Sure, some things are forever and will always be relevant; like direct mail marketing campaigns with post cards, flyers and letters.

On the other hand there's a lot of new and or underutilized resources when it comes to real estate internet marketing; like through

  • Blogging, Tweeting, Web C2.0, Sequential Auto Responders, Drip Mail Campaigns, E newsletters, etc.

The potential is greater than you might realize and the technology isn't impossible to master.

Let's get started with some timeless advice, tips and instructures on how to buy and sell real estate.

real estate marketing tips

Tips For Farming Listings
Market Expired Listings - Why?  Because they're easy to find and are often mostly realtor friendly.

Farm FSBOs - Don't cold call. Mail mailing letters, postcards and flyers instead. Then blow it up by piggybacking on an Expired Listing System like I did.

Farm Buyers Without Having Any Listings - I'm serious...and it's easy to do.  Write an ad, make and distribute some flyers and you're in business.  And if you can't ...oh well, bless your heart!  

Start Building a Mailing List - This strategy is almost as ignored and overlooked as expired listings, but there's real money to be made with a self made database of leads and prospects. 

Start a Newsletter - They come in a variety of mediums; electronic, paper, rss, tweets, blogs, etc. Distribute them via an autoresponder and watch your earnings soar. 

Real Estate Marketing Tips For Building Your Business  
New Agent Advice - A thing worst than being a rookie agent is being a broke one with no leads, listings or prospects. 

Getting Letters Opened - It's one thing to send letters to prospects, but it's another to get them read.  There's curb appeal for houses and envelope appeal for letters.  Just kidding. 

Hold Open Houses - Here's the best technique I've ever come across.  You owe to yourself to try it at least once in your career.   

Create and Distribute Real Estate Flyers - Here's one of the best DIY Flyer Design Services available. Try them - Risk Fre.

Give Away Business Cards - Give away as many as you can and as fast as you can. 100 a week x 52 weeks equals 5200 contacts. Can you handle that?   

Real Estate Marketing Tips For Generating Real Estate Leads 
Borrow A Listing - Market any and everything in your Multiple Listing System.  That's the whole point of being an MLS member. 

Automate Chores With A Sequential Auto Responder - I grew my mailing list from 0 to 3500 subscribers with an autoresponder. Would you like to achieve comparable results? 

Sponsor a Community Resource Guide - You can do an online version of one for virtually pennies and get people in the community to provide the content for it; garage sales, baby sitting services, mentoring, community events, association meetings, etc. 

Have Any HOT Real Estate Marketing Tips That You'd Like To Share?

Every agent, buyer, seller and investor I know can use more real estate marketing tips to help them get their properties sold, rented, flipped, etc. Do you have any favorite tips, tools and strategies that you use? If so, please share them? I'd like to develop this list to approximately 150 tips to help us all. So, please feel free to join in and help out! Thanx!

Real Estate Marketing Tips

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