Expired Listings Can Boost Your Earnings

Expired Listings. The dropout rate of first year Real Estate Agents ranges is approximately 87%.  Would you have thought it was that high?

Expired Listings

And although it might get easier in subsequent years, making enough money to sustain a career is an ongoing struggle. So, I wrote this resource page with links to important information about Expireds, properties that are the source success for many Real Estate Agents and Investors.  They can be yours, too. Enjoy!

Farming Expired Listings-
A Guide To Your Personal Success

Farm Expired Listings

Developing new leads is critical to expanding your real estate business and choosing the strategy that works best for you is just as important.

However, you want to choose something that you can be passionate about, because no matter how good or easy it might be meaningless if it’s not something that will maintain your interest and enthusiasm. Farming Expireds could be the perfect marketing strategy for you, Read more...

Expired Systems

A relatively fast way to build and sustain income is with a system.  This is true for any market and regardless of how long you’ve been an agent. Are you already successful?  Congratulations!  But guess what? An effective system can help you grow and expand your business beyond your expectations. Read more...

Use Expired Letters

Expired Listing Letters

When you place a "For Sale" Sign & Rider on an expired that you've converted to a new listing it can go a long way in enhancing your status and gaining you increased business opportunities. Every passerby and property owner, renter, visitor and investor in the neighborhood will potentially look to you as an agent that they can market their properties, too. How does the prospect of that grab you? Read more...

More Resources

Expired Listings Scripts - competition for expireds can be intense. While many pursue them, few are effective. Successful agents farm them on a daily basis, deliberate and systematic. I generated 2 Plus Listings a Week with my script. Want to know more?

Farm Expired Listings for Big Commissions – here's an article I wrote about how you can generate lots of commissions by Farming and Converting Expireds to new listings. I love everything about expireds, including the fact that it is a gentle marketing strategy with little rejection.  In fact, people will call you expecting to do business with you and are disappointed if they can't.. Read more about it

Real Estate Letters - real estate letter campaigns are still lucrative, even in a culture of fast paced online, internet marketing.  Need some good letters? Try these.

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Summarily, and in closing, only 13% of Real Estate Agents survive their first five years in the business.  The remaining 87% are casualties, many of whom fail because they didn’t have plans to succeed or the tools necessary to implement them.  Would you believe a simple letter could have made a difference? 

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