New Agents Can Achieve Expired Real Estate Listing Success, Too!

expired real estate listing

Can Newly Licensed Agents Have Success Converting Expired Real Estate Listings To New Ones? Absolutely! In fact, farming expired listings may be one of the best marketing strategies new agents can embrace!

Here’s why! New agents are loaded down with the pressure of surviving their first year in the business from day one of getting licensed.  And it’s unrelenting, 24/7, day after day.  

Anxiety is high and uncertainty abounds and questions run rampant! Will they be able to generate enough prospects, get enough leads, or secure enough listings to sustain their career? 

Will they be able to establish a recurring income in a commission driven business? 

Will they be fortunate enough to earn their first commission when before going broke and having to hang up their license? And the list goes on and on.

These are hard questions that few new agents can answer or resolve quickly, which leads to this sobering fact; approximately 70% of new agents are out of the business within a year.

Sadly, they don’t implement an effective marketing strategy early enough to sustain their careers. Consequently, they exit the business fairly quickly. 

But There’s The Good News

Sourcing Expired Real Estate Listings can be a new agent’s best friend. For one thing, it’s easy to come by a good expired script, and expired listing letters, postcards and flyers. 

For another, expired listings are plentiful.  Obviously, there are the ones that expired yesterday, but there are also an untold number of old expired listings that weren’t relisted and/or put back on the market that expired in the past.

You can target them going back one… two… five… nine… or as many months as you desire!

The farther back you go the more likely you are to encounter some interesting trues about them, like …

  • homeowners are often willing to price their homes super competitively
  • some of the properties will be best marketed to investors, so be sure to start networking with them in order to present them with opportunities when they become available
  • some properties might lend themselves to flipping, thereby giving you an opportunity to buy and sell them for personal gain (with the proper disclosures of course)

So, here's the deal. If you want to significantly alter the course you’re on right now farming expired listings is an excellent strategy to embrace.

Here Are The Expired Real Listing Letters I Used as A New Agent...

expired listing letters

and had wild success using them. They’re ready for instant download and use and come with a satisfaction or money back guarantee, so you have absolutely nothing to lose.  Click here if you want to read more about them

Summarily, and in closing, why not get started today?  The sooner you start the faster you'll begin to achieve the success you dreamed of having when you became a licensed agent? You'll marvel at just how successful you can be!

Well, that’s it for now.  Here’s to your Real Estate Marketing Success! 

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