Acquiring Expired Listings Is Easy
... This Is How To Do It

Acquiring Expired Listings is made easy with a good system, well written proven to be effective letters and ability to be patient long enough to reap the rewards of your investment of time and money.

acquiring expired listings

Soon after starting you could be receiving phone calls from people wanting to list their properties with you.That's right... they'll be calling you... and not you calling them!

In fact, you could be the laziest agent in your office and still have more listings than your coworkers...and with a little bit of "hustle" you could actually dominate your market as the most active listing agent in your MLS. 

How?  With a systematic approach to Farming Expired Listings, whether it be with a system like this one, or with letters like these!

Some agents brag about how easy it is to get leads, but fail to mention that they are slaves to their career. They work long, hard days sacrificing all else; friends, family, their health and sometimes even their marriages.

But it doesn't have to be that way.  If you are looking for a way to be ultra successful, but still have a life outside of work, prospecting for leads with an expired listing system could be just what you need.

acquiring expired listings

Briefly, listing expired listings can be a quick, easy and effective alternative to what you're doing right now, which is exactly what if I may ask?  You'll be surprised at how just 30 - 60 minutes a day tending to your lead generation system can impact the number of leads, listings and sales you can get in a month's time. 

Naturally, some expired programs are better than others, and while I can only speak personally about one system, this one in particular in particular, many of them share the common benefit of being able to potentially save you time while boosting your productivity.

Also, most Expired Programs are letter based, and come with pre written letters - ready for instant use. That's because mailing expired letters is the perfect strategy to employ in today's climate, as they serve the dual function of effectively getting your marketing messages through to prospects while complying with the National Do Not Disturb Law. Violating the law can result in serious consequences.

That's right you never run afoul of the DND Law because you never have to make a phone call.  In fact, your letters will have prospects calling you.

acquiring expired listings

Yes, Acquiring Expired Listings can be a rewarding way of generating leads.

Still, if you've spent anytime writing letters you know that writing effective ones is not always easy to do. 

It's easy to spend hours writing them, only to end up with poorly written, disjointed sentences that barely make sense. It's a massive waste of time and my recommendation is don't do that to yourself, s it's far easier to find and use a proven system with letters, or just letters by themselves that are 1)  simple and to the point, 2) devoid of exaggerated promises and 3)  friendly and personal. 

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