An Expired Listing System That Rocks

Are You Looking for An Effective Expired Listing System?

expired listing system

We can help, whether you’ve been a real estate agent for twenty years or just starting out. You already know that the most important part of being an agent is marketing, but may not have embraced marketing expired listings as a viable strategy yet.

Marketing for real estate agents takes on two different forms -  active and passive.

Passive marketing covers everything from how you present yourself in public to talking to friends and colleagues about your real estate business.

Active marketing, on the other hand, requires action and includes everything from activities to drive prospects to your lead capturing system, to advertising for buyers and sellers, to showing properties and the like. Active marketing is deliberate and purposeful and takes effort.

Are you ready to raise your bar of success by becoming more active... and not just busier?

Then Consider Building Your Income With an Expired Listing System. If you need listings, the quickest and easiest way to ramp up your inventory is to solicit properties that have expired. Generally the property owner has heard lots of promises, but with little or no results.

Consequently, Expireds are a great opportunity to demonstrate your unique selling advantages with cutting edge marketing and strong communication skills. Another standard presentation isn’t going to charm a disgruntled seller who is ready for results.  So, you need to dare to be different!

farming expired listings

This Farming Expired Listings System ill show you and other real estate agents how to convert expired listings to new ones - step by step. I'm the author, and I averaged 2 plus listings a week using it. Others are having success with it, too.

Expireds are an almost daily,  steady and renewable source of leads, and after you start marketing them you'll discover that there are a few days during the month that are the heaviest.

My recommendation is that you set up your work schedule to include them in a 5 day work week while taking 2 days off.  After all, nobody can work 7 days a week and have a balanced work/personal/family life.Right?  And when you do you'll still be on top of being one of the first agents to contact them.

Ready for a system that's simple and easy, but wildly effective?   Then read more here 

Before You Go

Farming Expired Listings can boost the business of any agent, including newly licensed and seasoned veterans.  Key to their success, though, is deliberate patience and persistence - in other words they have to practice consistency.

With this system generated enough listings to take on a partner and then hire someone to help me market all of them.  Are you ready for that kind of success?  If yes you can read more about it here. 

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