Expired Listing Script;
Average 2 or More Listings a Week

An Expired Listing Script can help you get more listings and make more sales and if that's what you're looking for you're on the right track! 

expired listing script

Real estate listings expire every day and although each may be uniquely different they are all similar in that they didn't sell! Consequently, each expired represents a known, motivated seller who may be more anxious than before to sell their property.

An Expired Listing Script offers wonderful business building opportunities, opportunities that should you have to be prepared to take advantage of! Prepared in the sense that you know what to say, how to say it nd better yet when to say it!

Not Having an Expired Listing Script Sucks

Let's be candid! You can probably convert some expired listings to new ones with a laissez faire approach, but it's all but certain that it won't be sustainable.  Expired Listing Marketing is big business and when you approach it via a proven script your chances of success increases significantly. 

To make the point, the national do not call law has put a serious dent in cold calling...and if you don't have a compelling letter and Expired Listing Script to overcome this huge obstacle you might as well save the postage of your marketing materials and spend it on something else.

And even with good letters, post cards, flyers or whatever you use you'll experience limited success if you're not committed to an ongoing marketing campaign characterized by consistency and dedication.

2 Reasons To Use an Expired Listing Script

First Reason. The potential for new business is humongous! Still, it's a very competitive field and if your script and presentation is not professionally polished you're going to be at a serious disadvantage. 

Second Reason. The more disciplined and successful agents farm expired listing on a daily basis. Consequently, you need something to level the playing field and at a minimum bring you up to the level of  your competitors, if not something that gives you an outright competitive advantage.  A good Expired Listing Script can do that for you.

What To Say, When To Say It & How To Say It

Knowing what to include in your letters is important, as is knowing when and how frequently to send them. A good expired listing script letter can help you gain the trust of sellers by letting them know you understand their disappointment in not having sold their homes, but that you have ways to get them sold.

When I first got licensed I tried different things to generate enough buyers and sellers to make enough sales to pay the bills. After months without making any real progress I started paying attention to expired listings and finally recognized that there's "gold in them hills."

I started writing and farming expired listings and sending letters daily, but as you can imagine every letter is not necessarily a good letter. Still, I plugged away at it until I got just the right tone with enough "trigger" words that made my letters resonate with owners enough to have them start calling me expecting to do business with me.

Let me say that again! The owners started calling me expecting to do list their properties with me. Can you think of a script being any  more effective than that?

Finally, I started having some success. Around that same time I discovered I got the best results when I mailed my letters the same day the listings expired, and definitely no later than the next day! I was finally on to something and after approximately 3-4 months was averaging 2 plus listings a week. Pretty soon getting 8-12 listings a month was my norm, but each listing was still as exciting the one before it.

So, if you're looking for a cost effective real estate marketing program (letters and script to go with them)  consider getting yourself an expired listing script. 

Here's Our Expired Listing Script & Letters

Our script provides new agents with a system for converting expired listings to new ones.  Plus, they offer experienced agent's another tool for growing their business even more than what it might currently be.  Check it out... you can thank me later!

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That's it for now.  Here's to your Real Estate Marketing Success!

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