Why Mailing Real Estate Marketing Letters is The Best Marketing Strategy - Period

Mailing Real Estate Marketing Letters is one of the best, most focused, results oriented strategies to generate prospects, leads, listings and sales an agent can do!

Aside from being an easy marketing strategy to execute on a daily basis, it will leave you with a sense that the time spent doing it was satisfyingly productive.  Plus, it’s an effective activity that's easy to sustain spanning a career. 

If you can mail letters, you can get listings - and if you get enough of them, it’s almost guaranteed that you’re going to sell something to somebody, which creates the potential to make sales and get new listings on a routine basis!  

Still, many agents don’t promote their products and services via real estate letter marketing campaigns. I'm not sure why, but their loss is your gain, as you’ll have less competition for the prospects and leads that you gain through mailing letters.

Wasting Time & Money While Working Hard

real estate marketing letters

If you're not marketing your services via letter campaigns you may be wasting a monumental amount of time while depleting your bank account. On the other hand, you can have meaningful contact with 10-20 people a day in an hour or less on a daily basis by mailing letters!

However, before you get too excited it's important to point out what should be obvious - some letters being sold on the internet may not be worth your time or money, as they can actually hurt your success through lost time and commissions and damage to your reputation.

Take some of the FREE ones for example.  Although they are readily available do you really want the measure of your career to be based on letters whose success rates are unknown? While I hope not, some agents will do just that just as sure as the sun is going to rise tomorrow morning.

Fortunately, there are some excellent pre-written real estate letters available at reasonable cost, ones that are time tested and proven to be effective... wherever they are used!

And as you might imagine, the better ones generate a steady stream of warm, responsive prospects month after month; all interested in listing, buying, and/or selling real estate.

Use Real Estate Marketing Letters
To Generate Leads

real estate leads

If you're a new agent you can use Real Estate Marketing Letters to get off to a good start. You can target a lot of "potential" buyers and sellers in a relatively short period of time.  On the other hand, if you've been licensed for a while but don't have the volume of business you want, an expired real estate listing campaign can supercharge your marketing results.

Proven letters are making many an agent happy.  By design their carefully considered words and phrases coupled with effective calls to action leverage the most desired responses, whether it’s having readers calling to make appointments to see a home, or emailed you requests for lead generating buyer and seller reports that serve the purpose of filling or replenishing your lead funnel.  

“New School” Automated Real Estate Marketing Systems, like Call Back Services, Autoresponders, Facebook, Twitter and the like are pretty popular, and for good reasons.  All can be highly effective when implemented well, but each have a unique learning curve to concur before it ramps up to full throttle effectiveness!

With letters on the other hand, are pretty low tech with no learning curve involved. Usually, it’s a matter of personalizing the letters and mailing them to the recipients. Consequently, mailing letters is the bread and butter of the real estate industry and many agents have had long, successful careers because of them.  Show me a successful agent and I'll show you one who mails real estate marketing letters.

Real Estate Marketing Letter Campaigns

Real Estate Marketing Letter Campaigns

Mailing letters during holidays and special occasions is a great way to grow your business. Through these mailings you'll eventually become like family - and in case you don’t already know it - selling real estate is all about having relationships with people. 

When buyers and sellers know and trust you, they’ll do business with you... and when they don’t, they’ll seek out someone who they do know and trust enough to assist them with transacting one of the biggest transactions they’re likely to have in their lives.   

So, send prospects and clients letters during these times, preferably ones befitting the relationship you have with them.  There are a variety of them that to match nearly every imaginable situation and/or relationship, so you don't have to agonize over trying to write the perfect letter. 

Conceive It, Then Achieve It

Do you want more listings?  Let's face it – you need them whether you care to admit or not, because the more you have the more money you'll make. On the other hand, the fewer you have the less you’ll make.

So, go ahead and imagine having15-20 new listings and just sold signs with your name on them dotted throughout your community... and what that can do for your business!

At a minimum it will give you near instant credibility as an agent worthy of doing business with.  It will also and generate even more potential listings and sales. 

So, treat yourself to the success you deserve by mailing real estate marketing letters... and if not these below, then some other letters of your choice!

Everybody likes doing business with a winner and good Real Estate Marketing Letters can help you become one.  

Check out "Real Estate Letters; Low Cost, High Profitability", an article I wrote about the advantages of using Real Estate Letters.

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